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Helmi_17 04-27-2012 01:59 AM

Dusted off the CCM for the upcoming season opener...
Here's a picture. There are many like it...

Aired up and fired on the first try... No macroline problems, no o-rings to replace, just gas and go. Sweet diggity! Brand spanking new just came in from ANSgear Rotor and Ninja tank... Houston, we are ready... May 5th is my local field's season opener... I am pumped. (heh)

I was somewhat hesitant to spend this much money on a pump marker... Let me say, after having it for one full season... I'm just as thrilled to be dusting it off this year as I was to pull it out of the box last spring... Yes, they're that good. :)

Mel 04-27-2012 12:17 PM

Glad to hear your gun is still kickin’ ***! Have fun next weekend.

crazyorigin 04-27-2012 01:41 PM

My S6 still gases up and shoots +-2fps and i have never torn it down for anything or even lubed my reg. Bought it new and have never had an issue with it, it easily has 10 cases thru it, I bet a lot more. Perfection lasts, but the full bodies do require less cleaning, had to clean my T2 fairly fast but it saw a lot of grime and paint hits.

Great looking T2 setup BTW.

Helmi_17 04-27-2012 03:48 PM

Mel... I can't say enough about your company and it's product. So good. I have automags and an autococker and a couple various other markers and last year they saw most of their action as loaners... I played with them once each during the year just to say that I did.

Thanks crazy... I wanted to go with something pretty classic for my first CCM. I planned to only run it with a sport shot but I got tired of having to shake and bake after 4-5 shots with the A/T, hence the Rotor. I plan on doing some sort of color combo when the new gun comes out though. (Hot pink FTW!)

Only a small handful of people even know what a sniper is where I play, much less a CCM... Regardless of how many conversations I've had about my little pumper, the common way to explain "the pump guy" at my field is... "Yeah, keep an eye on him if you see him out there".

crazyorigin 04-27-2012 08:29 PM

I have been that guy at my local field for quite a few years now, at first the owners son called me "that pump dude" until he had learned my name. They will all be curious and there will be some people who will underestimate your firepower because of the pump until they hear 10-12 shots smash against their bunker or whiz by thief face from it, then they will not make that mistake again. I love hearing peoples reactions to the CCM guns speed with the AT. I really only run Winchester, I find they feed great, I rarely need to shake n bake, I run lock lids on them. I am not a big hopper fan but the rotor would probably be my top choice, that and a classic revy but all I really use are the Winnie's.

Just represent the good classic standard of a pump player and they will all come to enjoy seeing "that pump guy" hauling his gear down to the field staging area. I didn't get out much last year, only twice, I miss my friends at the field.

sonicboom141 04-28-2012 02:33 AM

Can this be an awesome story thread?

I got my 6.5 out for the first time a few weeks ago. Aired up, zero leaks. Go to the chrono with a .685(huge paint) and shoot 296, 294, 297. Yeah ccm was shooting laser beams all day.

Modded-Like-Hell 04-28-2012 02:34 AM


war009 04-28-2012 02:56 AM

Love your set up helmi missing one thing though, you need one of storminnormans T2 slot blockers on awesome

I hope mine does the same have no messed with it in awhile need to though

Helmi_17 04-28-2012 02:56 PM

Yes, Sonic... Fire away, ha.

I didn't run it over the chrono yet, but I did pop some buckets from my back deck (I'm sure the neighbors just love it when I do that) at about 25-35 yards and they were pretty spot on.

Thanks war... I do want one of those, however he is not in stock of the dust black ones at this time. I could do a raw or gloss one, but that would be a damn crime. When he does the new run I -will- be having one... I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and I do feel that part is missing. :(

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