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make each day count

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firsttime 4 pb 2/4/2014
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Frap, Frap,Frap !!
My first paintball game was last year.
I should know everything there is to know about paintball.
The best marker is the one I use.
I learned everything I need to know about how to fix and run a successful paintball venture from the Internet.
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Really... :dodgy: ^

What does everyone else think?

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I'll just have to make sure I get the right color blue, that is going to be the hardest part.
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Here is a prototype idea I had a good friend of mine draw up for me:

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What do you guys think?
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The cries of the carrots
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I like it!
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what about the rail and asa if it were me i would do the rail the white and the asa in teal and do orange ccm fittings but i would also turn the bottom third of the reg white it is looking good though!!!!!!!
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Now here is the pre final idea. I may have some last minute touches to work on it but this idea I really love. Especially if they can do the lasering in AEROSMITH font and in that color. But even in white it looks great!

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Fan of EMR
Personally, the Toys in the Attic colors and Aerosmith theme would be awesome. Though I am partial to the Pump album myself, those colors off Toys are appealing. I was thinking about a T2 color scheme myself for the past week and had a lot of trouble deciding what I want to do as well. I think I finally figured out what I'd like to do though...
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