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Heavy T2

Could someone please weigh a T2, minus barrel, but with the CCM rail and Asa for me. I held a different T2 today, and believe that it was significantly lighter than mine. I was shocked!! How can that be?
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Here you go.
CCM Marker Comparison Thread.

Is it possible that the T2 you are referring to was lightened using non aluminum parts. A friend of mine lightened his S6 with delrin parts, even some of the screws were made of a different material, though I don't remember exactly what.
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Are you sure you didn't hold D3adpools T2?
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Shear awsomeness makes it lighter.....just means you're not as awesome....
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On the other hand there is C5tek's chrome T2 which weighs as much as 2 vm68s.
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Funny a new CCM usually makes your wallet lighter and your gear bag heavier.
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heavy ccm parts....
aluminum pump handle
aluminum grip panels
2 sets of brass accents

other things...
slot blocker (not heavy, but still weight)
barrels.... some are heavy (boomstick lol)
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