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Shocker2k 03-26-2013 11:51 PM

CCM Slider A/T questions
Hey guys Im having a hard time getting my slider to auto trigger correctly. I can get it so it will AT but it still has like 1/4 inch gap between the back of the gun and the backblock. If I turn the lug down much further to try and shorten that distance it will no longer shoot when I pull the trigger, unless I back off the bottom adjustment screw and make the trigger have a sloppy trigger pull. If anyone has any hints/tips I would greatly appreciate it. I have looked at the CCM guide on youtube on how to set the AT with no luck, also I have done a quick search on the forums to find a good post, and havent been able to find one with my same issue.

It could just be a stupid issue that I am overlooking, but I dont really care I just want to have a nice A/T CCM S5 :).


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