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super_stanchy 06-17-2013 01:03 PM

CCM T2 w/ a hush bolt
i guess this is half review, half thought process, half lookin for some input :)

Sooo I have this history of beating up my bolts in my t2's

Went down to PSP Galveston last season, for those that went, the weather had been brutal (as we drove to the field, the discovery channel storm chaser passed us goin about 1000 miles an hour)

long story short.... i played snake, t2 was fully submerged in a mucky sandy puddle....
pretty much ground my bolt and breech to death.

ordered a new breech and bolt (thanks mel)

played another year, went hard, bolt was gettin pretty banged up again.... had the ccm t2 hush bolt for $25, figured i'd give it a shot

installed easy, no ego style pin/spring thing, its an oring so stock bolt pin works! (i guess mine is v2 then?)
installed it and bam went from 295fps to 315-320fps, with my ivg backed out flush to the back cap!

soo my reg is turned out to shoot 295-300, have not checked reg pressure, but the the screw is about 1 turn sticking out of the reg!

sooo who else uses them, what are your thoughts?

i like it, for $25 (not the normal $45) i am a happy camper, it shot great yesterday and am very pleased with it!

best my t2 has shot in awhile :D
oooh and a 1st place finish at WCPS #3 on top of it :D

Dr. VonDeafingson 06-17-2013 02:24 PM

Did the orings change the pump stroke at all?

super_stanchy 06-17-2013 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. VonDeafingson (Post 2735893)
Did the orings change the pump stroke at all?

very very slightly

i didnt put any oil on em either...

they do not stick out like a mech cocker bolt from 2001... where there is like .010-.020" of smush

they stick out like .001, and do not create much drag

SOGAmember666 06-17-2013 04:00 PM

Wonder if they tend to do a 6.5 version.

super_stanchy 06-17-2013 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by SOGAmember666 (Post 2735990)
Wonder if they tend to do a 6.5 version.

i believe the 6.5 is interchangeable with the sniper version (but dont quote me on that)

noclue119 06-17-2013 06:22 PM

I would never give up pump stroke smoothness for 30 FPS gain. It is not like you are going to shoot a case a game with a pump anyways. Besides I run my S6.5 @ 300 PSI with IVG flush on the stock bolt.

My breech and bolt are both very worn. I mean I have multiple gashes down the breech. I would say I have over 100 cases through mine (in the almost 3 years). It still shoots like a champ. I think I might switch out the bolt with another stock CCM one.

BTW I think your gain is because your CCM T2 bolt has 3 detent slot while u only really need 1(what Hush bolt has). CCM did it so they can use the same bolt for both the S6.5 and T2

ves206 06-17-2013 06:26 PM

The sniper bolt from Techt Hush is slightly longer then the stock S6.5 bolt.

Ive had my stock bolt modded by pooty with two orings and not the 3rd that rubs the detents. Its still as smooth as stock and gives a nice fps increase over stock.

super_stanchy 06-17-2013 06:30 PM

i never said my stroke was worse than before....
its still amazing and smooth, and i have muscle.... sooo an extra smidge on the stroke isnt noticeable...

i will take some pics of my bolts tonight :D

SeuDog 06-17-2013 08:42 PM

Is that the ccm jersey from animal? Sorry if it isn't. Just looks nice.

super_stanchy 06-17-2013 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by SeuDog (Post 2736236)
Is that the ccm jersey from animal? Sorry if it isn't. Just looks nice.

Mcb member jersey from animal :)

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