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ilivlife 06-25-2013 03:35 PM

I always knew I had a screw loose, now I lost it

I lost the screw that holds the back block to the ICS system. Does anyone have the size/specs of the screw?

DevilMayCare 06-25-2013 04:31 PM

Hit Mel up. I got a replacement pair for $8 from her, just took a day or two.

Then... blue loctite is your friend :)

EgoPossum 06-25-2013 04:32 PM

If I remember right it is 6-32 x 1/2" flathead allen screw
I don't have it infront of me at the moment but I have lost that screw a few times with my ICS system where I didn't loctite the screw

Phone Mel at CCM and she can tell you what it is and get one in your loving hands

Mel 06-25-2013 06:07 PM

LoL! I had to send him to Bill. No worries O.P.- We’ll get you the answer you’re looking for. Promise. :)

superman 06-25-2013 06:32 PM

pretty sure its a 6-32-1/2 aswell

CCMachinist 06-25-2013 11:06 PM

4-40 x 3/8" long flat head

Mel 06-26-2013 12:16 PM

Thanks Bill.

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