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Happy Birthday Rod Thompson!

Hey Rod!,

Wanted to wish you much peace and happiness on your very special day tomorrow and much much more. Thank you for your part in advising, teaching and helping us tech our beloved CCM markers! The attention CCM gives to customers builds respect and loyalty for all that your team does.


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Couldn't have said it better, happy birthday!!
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Happy Birthday Rod!! Hopefully that chick of yours didn't promise to take you to Peppermill for dinner. lol
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Happy Birthday Rod.

Thank you so much for your assitance is keeping my T2s firing on all 1 cylider!
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Only it Happy Birthday Rod.
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.67cal Buwwets!
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Happy birthday Rod you big stud you! I hope Mel takes you somewhere nice for dinner and the frothy beverages are cold.
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Happy Birthday! Have a great one!

Keep on making the best pump markers in the World!
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You guys are just the BEST! Thank you so much for taking the time to acknowledge him. I will make sure Rod sees this. Oh and his birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow.
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Brady "B-DAZL" Coleman
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Happy Birthday - TOMORROW - Rod!!! Miss ya, buddy!!
Brady "B-Dazl" Coleman
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Happy Birthday Rod! Hope you get to enjoy a little time off.

We appreciate the hard work the CCM team puts into making some of the best pump markers available with great customer service.
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