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S6 issue

Hey everyone, I was having some issues yesterday with my s6. I'd be playing just fine, and then id start getting some serious drop off, and then the marker would start leaking. It sounds similar to when you air up the marker without cocking it first. Then I would cock it and would be able to play again for a short bit before it did it again. It eventually stopped and I was able to play the rest of the day. What causes this and what should i do? I'm sure just a tear down and cleaning would do the trick. Any areas I should check? Thanks!!
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Sounds like the regulator clean it and re-lube, or go all out and get a complete regulator rebuild kit.
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Sounds like your S6 needs a good cleaning and new o-rings.

Velocity drop-off and leaking down the barrel (like when you air it up without cocking it first), that is caused by the hammer resting on the poppet making valve open slightly. Since you were getting some drop-off, it was already leaking or the regulator was not feeding your valve with enough air or the hammer tube is dirty and the hammer is hitting your poppet at different velocities, or, or or ....It all come down to DIRTY.

Call Mel, order a complete o-ring kit, some Allen keys and a valve tool. You will also need some Tri-Flow and Hater Marmalade lube, some paper towels, Q-tips and my secrete weapon, carburetor cleaner.

Then go to the stickies in this section and look at Talfuchre’s video maintenance, watch it a couple times before you follow the directions and get our marker shooting like it should, like and CCM S6.

Really, call Mel, she will be more than happy to answer any CCM related questions, just give her a call! CCM: 1-877-412-6850

Good Luck!!
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Thanks! I have a valve tool on its way!
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Carb cleaner is a great way to dissolve any rubber or plastic you soak in it. Just use soapy water on everything or rubbing alcohol on dust anno to lift greasy spots.
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Thanks everyone! Tore it apart and cleaned it. It's as good as new. I did notice that when i took the reg apart, that the delrin piston? I guess you would call it had what seemed to be tiny delrin hairs on it. Kind of like moving was causing parts to be shaved off. I cleaned it off and it seems to be fine.
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Make sure you add grease on the piston / oring - not oil it. Oil acts as a cutting agent in the lower part of the reg.
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I only use dow 33 and 55 or triflow for the bolt.
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They bolt doesn't need oil. Its delrin, which is a self lubricating plastic. By adding oil it simplies adds something to attract dirt and dust.
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But you add awesomeness to your bolt too.


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