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T-2 springs, options

I've been working on my brother's T-2. He bought it used, and he has actually had to put quite a bit of money into it. The previous owner didn't care for it well and it's go through a complete overhaul.

Currently everything is solid on the marker, except for the pump stroke/main spring combo.

My personal T-2 is light, smooth and perfect.

His is not. I've tried a few other springs, and nothing gets it close to mine.

Can I buy some lighter springs for both the valve and the hammer to get his T-2 closer to mine?

Any reccomendations?
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First thing: are the guide rods and bottom tube clean and smooth?

Fairly common problem with stuff collecting in half block guns, makes the pump rough or hard.

EDIT: I believe the valve is the same as any cocker, but hammer springs are different because there's a longer throw on the hammer?
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tube is clean, rods are smooth.

It really seems to be the difference in the spring compression. Mine is soft the whole way, his seems to bind at the end.
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Did you ever pull both springs and try and compare the two? Also, when the main spring is removed does it still bind?
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the springs are different. mine is longer and lighter.

I haven't been able to locate any information on different T2 springs though.

His is a low serial number (0078). Mine is later (0245). I'm wondering if that may have something to do with it.

There isn't any binding when the springs are removed. Hammer slides freely.
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also, make sure the screws for the feedneck aren't too long. It'll touch the bolt and cause drag on the entire thing. Love the T2 but as stated, tolerances are so tight that if something is slightly off you feel it.
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Make sure the rods are tighten to the sled correctly. If they are not it could cause a slight misalignment and cause rub

Polish internals as well. And no need to change the valve spring if its stock ccm. Maybe a new main
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I would order new springs from CCM. I would also check the pump handle alignment. When I had my old T2 it would bind a little at times. If I twisted the pump handle very lightly it would put it back inline.

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Binding at the end of the stroke - can be a timing issue.

Is it binding with the bolt IN - or the bolt OUT?

Also - this binding can be in the arms - if they are not aligned properly.

Take the pump arm off - use a set of calipers and test the distance between the arms at the base of the pump handle and near the middle and back - those numbers should be very close.

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New update:

I have actually narrowed the issue down to the autotrigger.

The pump works great as long as the autotrigger isn't pulled too hard. I can actually squeeze the trigger, and it will literally stop the pump from returning forward.

This is an odd problem, and I can't replicate it on any other CCM.

I'm begining to think its the A/T cam somehow. I'm going to swap mine out and see if that fixes the issue.
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