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a lot of time i would run my T2 (which was stock class) just so i could play with the walk-ons, nothing is more annoying than paying good money to play, and nobodly letting you play with them because they are afraid of you

and i agree, it depends on the renters, some of them dont play tight and cant shoot straight if their life depended on it, ive also played with renters that will drop a ball on your face if you spend an extra couple seconds hanging out farther than you should have

the nice thing about having a pump is they treat you a lot more like an equal, as opposed to someone to be afraid of


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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For me a t2 could out shoot a rental tippmann... The auto trigger is just that good vs the stiff tippmann triggers.

So against the traditional mech markers you are at the advantage rof wise, against decent mech rentals such as the enmey they should have the advantage rof wise.

Like others have said it depends who is operating the marker too. Skilled rentals are more likely to shoot you out against little Jonny who came for his birthday party and doesn't play mush.

At some fields sure the refs would let you on with the renters if you use a mech or pump, some won't if they know you are a tourney player regardless of marker used. And where is fun in beating down on renters?
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I'm with tracker, and when I play against walk on players, my job is to keep them playing and coming back to play. I can also grab a rental marker, and have a lot of fun with that as well. I frequently play in jeans and a sweatshirt, and have a lot of fun doing it. I actually have just as much fun getting eliminated as I do playing with them.
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I play with pumps to help level the playing field since I primarily play walk one with rentals but I don't feel I am at a firepower advantage or really at a disadvantage. I run small hoppers or stick feeds too. It really comes down to experience, gear is just a luxury if it happens to be nice. I have played walk one who played like beasts and played plenty that don't even seem like they want to be on the field. It is about it the person holding the gun not the gun.

At my local field I am considered one of the better players (not bragging at all) and once I heard someone talking about me, positively, saying "that guy with the pump gun is good, his gun is so accurate" he was talking to his father or uncle and he told him "its about the guy holding the gun, not the gun" and that always stuck in my head, its the truth. I know players who play awesome no matter what they are shooting, and plenty with awesome gear who are horrible.
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Yeah its all about who is using the equipment. I play with nice gear and im terrible.
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I only play pump, and I have a T2. In a comparison, the main advantage of the T2 is accuracy. With equal skill, the t2 is at a disadvantage to a field semi, but rental players are usually new and aren't equal skill. It is a great way to keep the game fun.
The T2 autotrigger isn't good enough to use the gun as a bunker or strafe. I see some semi players use their high ROF to create cover for themselves, and I have seen some amazing strafing runs. I can use Autotrigger to keep someone's head down to help another player, but I can't walk behind it to my next position. Maybe somebody can, but I don't view it as a natural thing for the gun.
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I don't own a T2, but I play with and against rentals guns all the time. My S6 doesn't scare the "new" guys and it's a ton of fun. For me, it's still fun to take a group of kids and just work the field against some regulars. Helps everyone to have a good time and hopefully make return trips.


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Against a bunch of renters your fine. It makes it fair if you know what your doing. Against a bunch of guys that play regularly with fast guns your going to have your hands full. Allot of times those are the guys when hit by your one shot that tend to stay in. As far as auto trigger goes I'm a surgeon with mine. Piss guys off all the time with it. I remember when the Dye loader came out and I bought it and put it on my T-2 and the local MCB guys were like, isn't that over kill? With in 3 months that was all you saw. Dye loaders that is. At this point I like to just play with my local pump homeys. More fun and no wiping. Feyd............
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I tried this with my S6, as long as the field is big enough, you will be fine. Tried this one day on a smaller speedball field, 1 vs. 12ish (private group)...not a good outcome, really couldn't even come out from cover to snap shoot, it seem like if you came out either side, 3+ players were dumping paint on you. Sadly, I thought I would do better. In 2 attempts, I was eliminated both times with no kills.

Different day playing with my S6, in the woods, 2 vs 8+, we cleaned up and we were both shooting S6's. Stealth was key, we dug in and let them come to us and they were not very quiet.

Playing rec play with a pump is no problem. The triggers on the CCM's are so nice, snap shooting is perfect! Against a good player with a mech or electro, you will be challenged. If you numbers go against you (like 5 v 1), you are in for a challenge...let's just say, going head to head with a electro held by a good player is challenging, I may not survive, but I don't make it easy for them.
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I've used my S6 against a lot of walkons, both good and not good. I do it because shooting it is so natural for me that I'm better with it than an electro. Using the pump makes me use cover more instead of hiding behind a wall of paint.

I have gotten my *** handed to me many times and it will happen a lot more. But I will continue to do it because that one or 2 times a day that I do snap out, take 1 shot and take out a really good player who is pounding my bunker with pod after pod. It is pure joy and makes all the bonus balls I tend to take worth it.
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