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Rebuilding a CCM SS-25

I found a CCM Ss25 on the great old craigslist... i picked it up for cheap.. under $175 after meeting with the guy and going thru the gun. The previous owner did not take care of this marker at all.. Old paint left over it. The bolt was scratched to death due to a feedneck screw being too long. The screw for the reg was turned in the bottom and crushed the internals of the reg. Gun leaked.. opened her up and the bottom tube was all gunked up and black lubed everywhere... Decided to give it a new life...

First i broke the gun down and figured out what parts needed.. Found out the grip frame screw was stripped. Which then had me send the body to CCM and rod fixed it up with a helicoil. I ordered all new lower internals, regulator internals, new belsales evo bolt (venturi with orings). Ive always loved venturi bolts due to being soft on paint and a slight less sound signature. I used a techt back block since i had it laying around from another cocker project that never was finished. Ordered a new trigger due to bad wear on the stock one. I picked up a new 2k guide rod which i drilled out for more air and lighter weight. Drilled out the delrin pump handle for lighter weight and i have always done it on my ccm's. Picked up some dye sticky grips.. Fully polished all metal moving parts.. Finally got it put back together last night. This thing shoots amazing. Im sad to see what condition it was in prior to me buying it. But very happy with how it came out. Pump stroke is very smooth even with an oringed bolt.. this will defiently be used this year along with my S6.5.

Thank you CCM for all your help with finishing this build up.
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Very Nice! Congrats on purchase as well as results of rebuild!
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Very nice re-build. Seems you did a great job choosing parts and doing it right.
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Turned out nice, I'd like to find a semi version of one of those on the cheap, lol.
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Nicely done and a great score.
I also have an SS-25 pump dust finished and plans are to convert into a mech cocker, notice your front block VASA is drilled for a timing rod mine is not, would you consider trading? I will cover shipping (return shipping label provided).
Thank you
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