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Tbaggin's is on top, and mine is on the bottom.

Thanks CCM!
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Team portrait...

Stock Class
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... your own balls are smacking you in the face. that's weird.



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my first CCM gun... and hopefully not my last... sadly, its drilled... and we all know how much that affects performance (it is now a pump... but i still have that Eblade on it... i was thinking of leaving the eyes in too but thought twice about it...)


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Anyone who was at WCPW saw me slip up pretty bad when I dropped my RF S6 right onto a rock on its barrel denting it badly, I fixed it and went overboard.

Tumbled Neon Yellow!

And nothing special but here's a before picture of my brother modifying his S6, I'll update when it's done!

We also have some T2 Hitman mods ready, come check out our thread.


Please take a look at my anodizing album here: Tonsixer Anodizing
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my e2 04 j2 almost done


man after looking threw the 44 pages, there is only like 3 or 4 electro's. i have thought about putting an MQ2 in it. but that will be the last thing if i decide to go that way.

oo and i have the BB just forgot to put the bolt and it in for the pics

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My T2. I really like the brindle camo finish, CCM did a great job on this one.

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I figure I would post updated pictures of my J2L, since I put new grips and a pump handle on it

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Thanks CCM! this is the best open class marker I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. this thing kicks ***!

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Mel, I've seen the coutries list you posted but you forgot the one I have here in BRAZIL!

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