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Thumbs up

SS-25 in action at our local church field. Worked Flawless on a 13/3000. (13/3000 & 45\45 shown) Running 8 month old Proto with a slight underbore.
Pulled it outta the bag & 1/4 turn on the IVG. Gotta love CCM perfection!

Unconscious Incompetent: You don't have enough knowledge to even realize you can't perform a given task.
Conscious Incompetent: You gain just enough knowledge and skill to realize that you suck at a given task.
Conscious Competent: You gain skill through practice and eventually can do a fair job at a given task with a lot of conscious effort and thought.
Unconscious Competent: Eventually, after enough practice, the given task will become second nature and it will no longer feel "uncomfortable".


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Sf giants!!!

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The twins......

Not really twins just cousins.....
S5 w/86 slider
GX5 w/CCM ez-grip pump kit, 86 frame, Auto-trigger

America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bada$$ speed. -Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936

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Haven't played in a little over 3 years, just tuned up the old gun.

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Stay classy

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Here is a pic from yesterday. Met two other guys in the parking lot of a local field. Made up an impromptu three man team and jumped on a small tournament style practice before a local three man event. Everyone was playing semi in PSP mode.

We played 5 games back to back to get in - never dropped a game and won it.

Prizes: Bragging Rights.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.
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CCM S 6 with deadly wind barrel and old school VL 90 hopper

CCM S6 with deadly wind barrel and old school VL 90 hopper

Name:  Canada S6 d.jpg
Views: 2343
Size:  279.3 KBl VL 90 hopper

Name:  Canada S6.jpg
Views: 2001
Size:  279.1 KB

It still needs a hitman plate and a white CCM pump handle; a work in progress...
Custom Cockers
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here we were at Blackrock Pump Competition this summer...
we were the Super_Stanchy Customs Factory Turtles
(and got first.... no big deal!)

here is me:


brad was rockin my t2.... no pic of him with it :/
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J2L Hard Ano Clear/Polished Black

Attachment 19776
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players. Its the golden rule.

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Merry CCM Christmas

My feedback
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