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So after one pump event in Idaho I was hooked and ordered this badboy.

Behold its glory!
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S6 Prototype #002

My new baby cleaned up.

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Originally Posted by lawngnome4hire View Post
If you'd read the previous post you'd have seen that I was talking about this in a full body, because a lot of people think full body cockers look nicer than half or mid block.
There are two types of midblocks out there...

The first one is the style that has a cut down body that is about 3/4's of the original. An example of this would be the 2006 Black Magic body.

The second style of a midblock is a full body, much like an S6, and the bolt is still within the body, but no backblock or cocking rod.

I have a picture of a midblocked "full body" S6....
**looks for it**

Edit: Found it!!!

Originally Posted by russc View Post
Senghing, you are the happiest paintballer ever.
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Well fans of CCM here's my dream gun. Allot of thought and hard work from Big Bill went into this! Any way I have been waiting to get a picture of it out and it will be shipping this week! Thanks again Bill and CCM for this! Now for the PIX! Feyd.........

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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
Well fans of CCM here's my dream gun. Allot of thought and hard work from Big Bill went into this! Any way I have been waiting to get a picture of it out and it will be shipping this week! Thanks again Bill and CCM for this! Now for the PIX! Feyd.........
Is that BRASS?
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Originally, the idea for the T2 was to allow the user to switch out the upper bodies. Enter the modular concept.
One of the top tubes that was scrapped was the full body.

This particular section of the T2 uses the body breech inserts. Similar to the half block version.

And the standard mid block. In brass...
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Here's my T2, about to ship soon but I won't be able to see it in person for about 2 months.

Here's a close up of the grip panels.

And if you are wondering about the grips, here's the explanation I gave Mel. I think Mel really wanted to show it off on here, but I told her I was a member.

Actually Audrey Hepburn was kind of the inspiration for the color scheme.
It can all be traced back to POG day '10, where I saw one of Craig Palmer's Pyres. It was a sort of satin clear ano with black tiger stripes. Now I usually don't like very flashy colors for guns, especially silver, gold, chrome, polished nickel, etc... But this gun really caught my eye and I really liked the colors, because of the contrast between the two. So I really wanted a black and white gun, but I was thinking of how to implement the colors. I thought of houndstooth (hey that's a PPS gun, lol) but that would be impossible to anodize, only airbrushing or hydrographics would work. Well houndstooth made me think of Audry Hepburn (I really don't know why, maybe because houndstooth was popular in the 50's and 60's). I'll interject here and say that I had always planned on buying a T2, but all dust black. Then while surfing MCB and seeing other people's CCM guns in all these different colors, I started to want something a little less boring than plain black. At first I couldn't figure out a color scheme that would be bold and original, I didn't want a color scheme someone else had already used. That's when I decided to get a black and white T2. At first I wanted a white T2 with black accents, inspired by the famous Ascot Dress from the racecourse scene of My Fair Lady, but after looking at CCM's dust clear ano, I decided that a gun primarily dust clear wouldn't appear white, but a grayish off-white, and thus lessen the impact of black and white. Looking at the pictures of black and white CCM guns led me to the conclusion that a black gun with dust clear accents would make the dust clear appear to be white. This made me think of the little black dress and white pearl necklace of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.
So now we have the color, now why the grips? Now I had a bold color scheme, but to really to finish it off, I needed something more interesting than solid color panels. I remembered Stinger could make panels with any image and who better than Audrey, one of my favorite actresses, a very talented and great woman. And why does a 23 year old guy like Audrey Hepburn, other than the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous? Well my mother is a huge fan of her, so I grew up watching Audrey Hepburn movies with my mother. I once did a report on her and learning about her experiences during WW2 and her charitable work after she retired from acting, and I realized what a great person she was.
Wow. That is pretty long. Is this the longest explanation for a gun you've had? Would a simple "I like her" have done?
And Mel replied with:
Well i can say I LOVE the full explanation way better than "cause she's hot!"
She too is one of my favorite actresses and I think she is the epitome of gorgeous. (Look at how many other women over the last couple of decades have emulated her.)
I hate to say it but after a while all our guns sort of start looking the same, this one will not be one forgotten anytime soon. Job well done.
I'm thinking, though I might want to change out the RF adapter with a black one, it's just a little too much white.
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I thought my Silver Surfer S6.5 was shiny but DAYUM is it shiny.


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Well the mailman gave me a surprise today. Just thought I'd toss up a picture of the girls! Feyd.............

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