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Yes, the right one is a bit off. I felt I needed to get something to simmy as he waited a while for these. I'll probably re-do a right one and send it along later.

They're difficult not only because of the precision needed for the shape and thickness but they also have a "notch" on the front edge that goes into the notch in the grip frame. I ended up making a jig to cut it. I did try the thumb reliefs but they're a bit challenging to get perfect and mainly when cut there was barely any wood left in that area. (they're less than 1/4" thick to start with). IMHO they feel fine without it.

The pump handles were a bonus. Gave me the opportunity to test some new lathe bits I picked up and also was able to make a drilling jig as part of the process. We did talk about options for the pump handle mounts. In the end we just went with wood screws (which seem to hold on very well in ebony). I am curious to see how they hold up over time. Worse case is they loosen up and we'd have to put in a metal insert. I dunno why, but the CCM handles almost look long. I almost prefer the length of the shorty for looks.

Anyway, glad you like em. Thanks for posting the pics. I actually forgot to take any before I send them out. Do you care if I keep copies of the pics?
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You may have them. Least I could do for doing a great job.
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Nice job.Love the wood look.By the way,the 86 panels are a pain to make on the CNC.We are getting ready to try our hand at making some delrin 45's.
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Originally Posted by Ryantuomi View Post
I think it looks awesome.
what /\ said...
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Originally Posted by shoot to thrill View Post
Am I the only one who was expecting an S-6 in a stock?
No, this is MCB after all.

Looks classy.


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They both really look great... I like the pump handle alot.
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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
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Wow, that looks amazing!
The wood really adds allot visually. Makes that marker allot more unique then if it was just black, highlights certain areas and just makes it more interesting overall.

Plus i've never seen wood on a S6 before.
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nice touch simmy, hows that barrel treating you?
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An "insert" for that stock might look cool too.

It puts the hands in the air or it gets the paint again.
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