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Originally Posted by CCmachinist View Post
here is a clue Fire + Water =
Is it bad that the first thing that popped in my head was cinnamon schnapps followed by a bad taste in my mouth from previous experiences?
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Can you make it shock you like the tippmann's did?
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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Am I gonna really be the first to ask what body that is? It's gorgeous! It's like an S6/J2 hybrid!

Edit: Hurr durr. Just saw the body in Bill's other thread. I is dum. Still want one though!
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Don't know if you've seen this site but it might help with the development of your new air source.

Home Model Engine Machinist - Index
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Off the break Jones dives into the snake - OH NOES his sterno can erupts! That is a bummer. Roll him around ref's and put him out.

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I used to have a steam engine just like that one when I was younger.
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I've wanted one for a while, you can buy amazingly detailed lil scale models, functioning and all.
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steam engine turns compressor pump...
compressor pump fills HPA bottle...
HPA bottle is connected to marker as usual...

my god man; you have revolutionized the back pack idea!

just got to use an electric element to heat the water and fill
your "Batman" utility belt with capacitors/batteries to run the whole rig...

you know the sad part...
that is just crazy enough that it might work...
only electric motor turns compressor pump in back pack filling HPA bottle/tank
which in turn is connected to the marker by remoteline...

kind of like that gun NPS came up with only move the compressor off the gun into a back pack with an HPA bottle to work as a bulk reserve, say 13ci should be good enough...
even if it needed 3 or 4 of those big 6V or 9V lantern batteries, in a back pack
that is more or less reasonable...
gotta talk to a buddy of mine that is into Marine Robotics...
i just might be on to something here; good lord this post started as a joke, now i just might have a great idea...

oh crap...
not even finished the post and the Gardeners patent ambushed me!
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Originally Posted by LK-13 View Post
oh crap...
not even finished the post and the Gardeners patent ambushed me!

You better be careful. I hear they send you guys to Guantanamo Bay.
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starts off small at first
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When do you expect to go into production with it?
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