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Info on Sherwood Forest in Laporte IN

A few of us are looking to go to the pump castle siege and pump classic game coming up at the end of August this year. The website is pretty sparse on information so I was wondering if anyone here had anything to share about the field. Such as...

What is the field paint there and what are any choices on different quality levels of paint? What are the prices like?

Are the fields as awesome as the pictures lead you to believe? How does the field play and is it too big or too small as a whole?

How is the reffing and owners/management? Any problems there or is everyone there good folks?

Any stories or other thoughts to relay?

Thanks in advance!
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I've only been out there once but its definately on the list of places to go back to. The field is incredible and night play is amazing. Joe, I believe the owners name was, was a great guy to meet. One of the few field owners I've met that made a point to come around and introduce himself to everyone asking questions and listening to the feedback. It was worth every minute of the 14 hour drive.
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Treadstone nailed it. Joe is a great guy and has an awesome field. It is one of those places that you can tell the owner put 100% into and is always striving to make it better and better. I have only been a couple of times but there were some very nice changes between my visits.

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Very much +1 all the positive things said here about Sherwood Forest. Of all the fields I have ever played, this one is the only other one that reminds of my family up at EMR.

Great people, super fields and I only wish I lived closer to Indiana.

My favorite? Playing in their torch lit castle made from thousands of railroad ties.... and forgetting my non-shaded mask lense for that game only added to the eerie excitement of playing there in the dark.

(And you can't shoot out those torches... no matter how hard you might want to "hide" in a dark corner, so don't waste your paint!)



Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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Joe is a great guy and is always looking for ways to make the field better for the players. I have been to Sherwood three times for Viper events. The reffing crew is usually on top of things. For Viper events their field paint is Draxxus. The pump events look like they are put on by Joe himself.

You could call them or shoot them an e-mail to find out what paint they have for field paint. Knowing how Joe is you can be pretty sure he will have quality paint for the event.
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I asked about this event on the Sherwood's forums and this is what I got:

"Last year was the 1st year for Pump Castle Siege. We had Damage Inc. defending w/ about 20 and had 40 attackers if I remember correctly. The pump big game the day before was around 60 - 80, it was the 3rd year for that event."

I didn't get much from local players when I was at Fort Knox Paintball for a big game. Most of the pump players hadn't even heard of the event and only a handful of players had played at the field. The reviews of those, who had played there, were very positive. They said it is "a woodballer's field"...not quite sure what that mean but I've never heard that description used before. Their only complaint was paint prices (compared to Fort Knox where you can BYOP). They said cases were around $80 for walk on days. Pre-regging for events was a must for better pricing (no surprise there). The biggest complaint was that the field is dead for basic walk-on play on a weekly basis.

I live 15 miles from the field and may head out there this weekend to see what it has to offer. Search Sherwood Forest Paintball on YouTube and there are a few videos on the castle and other fields.

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I spoke to Kathy, Joe's fiance, last weekend about the open play. She was telling me that July tends to be a slow time for walk-on play. In August it will pick up again around the time school starts up.

I find it hard to believe that paint is $80 a case. It just seems a bit high for a FPO field that brings in as much business as Sherwood
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Just got back from Sherwood. It was my first trip out there and I have to say the field is really great. Coming from SoCal, this is the most wooded field I've ever had the ability to play on. The castle is much different from EMR's. There are entrances/exits and shooting lanes all over the structure for both attackers and defenders. Paint prices are as follows for walk-on play: (Paint was Draxus...but I forgot to get the what line it was.)

Case: $75
1/2 Case: $40
1/4 Case: $25

The paint was fresh and shot extremely well.

They just posted pricing for this even on the Sherwood Forums today. $70 for a case and $25 entry for 2 days. Free camping if you need it.
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will def be going to this if my schedule allows!

edit: sherwood forest also is great, they do alot for groups also, the one time i was there with a private game they had a mother daughter group that was adorable...and also seen many church groups. The drive is not bad at all from chicago and for the field i love playing it, have yet to play a big game there but a pump only game is defintly going to be a highlight for me. Joe is great and we had a problem with a few guns while i was playing and he came out and helped the rentals out before i even got the chance to run over. Excellent field and excellent customer service.
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Probably the best field i have ever played at. The management is top notch. The Field is awesome and Joe is constantly adding new structures so its always a little different every time you go. The reffing crew the Discipline Lords is hands down the best reffing squad. I have been going there for 3 years now for multiple scenario games and i cant think of a single time when i was even remotely unhappy with the reffing.
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