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ScrapIron 04-27-2006 10:34 AM

Iowa Players Sound Off
I get board every couple months and post one of these so I can sit back and listen to the crickets chirp.

If you're an Iowan Paintball Player give a shout.

What town are you in?

and what do you prefer? Scenario? Rec? Tournament? etc...

Here I go...

Ankeny and Anything but mostly Scenario.

Mstrtal 04-27-2006 10:54 AM

Cedar Falls and you know I prefer scenareo but Ill play anything and I will even do it in a kilt!

wolf13 05-12-2006 01:36 PM

I am from Port Byron IL Originolly So played at Ducks blind, Total, and Iowa City on occassion over the years and went to school in Ames. I still occassionally get to Iowa and a few of us that still get together on occassion have been thinking of heading out to AJ's again this summer. I've palyed everything over the years, but have pretty much retired from tourny play since I don't play very much anymore.

ScrapIron 05-12-2006 02:42 PM

Wolf13, If you and some friends plan on a trip to play at Action Jacks this year, let me know. I live in Ankeny and would definately like to join you guys.
Perhaps one of their big games would be the perfect time to meet up.

Anyways, the thing that worries me is that I've heard a rummor that AJ's might be moving. Granted, I heard this rummor pretty much 4th hand through a friend that was getting some gear from the military surplus store in Des Moines, and he heard the owner talking to a player about how the owner of the land that AJ's is leasing right now has been looking at selling it, and although the current owners of AJ's had some sort of verbal agreement that if the property ever went up for sale they would get the first shot to buy it, but apparently the land owner was looking at other buyers.
Still, So far this is all just rumor.
I've looked at their website about every week or so because they have their calendar page that says how many rentals are scheduled on a given day, and they continue to take reservations out to a month or so from now.

I just hope that they managed to buy the land and things are all good now, because I'd hate to see Iowa loose another field. The thing that makes me think the rumor might have some credibility is that they haven't announced any of their annual "Big Games" like the Jason vs. Freddy event yet.

Till I hear more I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

wolf13 05-12-2006 03:08 PM

when I talked to them at SPE this year, it sounded like they were planning on Big games still and expanding their tourny series, jsut hadn't settled on dates. Aj's has had issues in the past with the land, so their may be something behind the rumor, even if it is old rumor. Still, since they bought the ICU indoor, I doubt they would be down for very long, they are pretty committed and have a good player base.

if its the same surplus store i visited before in Des Moines, i would definitly take it with a grain of salt

ScrapIron 05-12-2006 03:15 PM

Yeah, it was at Bett's & Son's
They had a hardware / surplus store just west of the capitol, but then they moved down near the airport. Probably the same people.

Good to hear they'll hang in there. I just hope they don't schedule a big game on the same weekend in October as MXS' "Empire of Fear" event.

Special_k 05-13-2006 02:56 AM

Southern MN here. . .Fairmont area-live about mmmm 6 miles from teh border!

tony33 12-02-2006 09:09 PM

Ames here and I prefer screnario. Will go just about anywhere though. Including Battle of the Bulge Dec. 9th...I can't wait!

wolf13 12-02-2006 09:51 PM


tony33 12-05-2006 11:24 PM

Will be there soon enough. Currently going to DMACC to save some $$.

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