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Just to bump this; Im now wondering how I might go about silencing this marker.
So far, I figure I should build a suppressor which is obvious, but I'm not sure about what to do for the cocking knob opening in the rear receiver.
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You mean like whisper quiet? Thats not going to happen with a typical blowback with a typical scrubbie-style suppresor.

If you need perfect silence, you might be better off with a ultra low pressure spool driven gun. Unsilenced, it is still probobly quieter then a silenced Montneel.

That said, I did run my Montneel with a Taso silencer for a while. It make it quieter, though not enough to hide my location. To improve on that, you would need a better supressor. Instead of the typical scrubbie/foam style, you need to make one with baffles.

Then, like you suggested, covering the cocking knob. I think the easiest solution is to replace the cocking knob with a "stubby" one that does not stick out the side. Then its trivial to cover the side with some foam, or other sound deadening material. If its flexible, then you could still pull away to cock, etc.

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This is a kinda lame post, but: how do you post pics? I have an update to this thread that comes with pics, but for some reason, whenever I go to 'my Pictures-->upload' it doesn't let me upload any pics. Ideas? I just wanna share some more pics of the further grip modifications I've made for this marker.

- Gabe
PS: I've already messaged the admins, no results so far
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i asked this a while ago im pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to comps.
i ussually use and decrease them on the 75% smaller part.
then if your posting a reply hit "go advanced" then scroll down to manage attachments and upload your photos to there then scroll back up to the little mountain icon and insert attachment
look forward to seeing the results!
this big tranformer came through a town like 30 miles from my hometown!!
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Incredibly late update:
I made a blog, and posted pictures.
Link: Gabe's Paintball Craze: Custom Mods to my Montneel Z1
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