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Rainman229 08-27-2011 01:35 AM

Double barrel break breach
The other thread about break breach got me thinking on the idea again.
I figured spool valve is the best idea for a bolt less setup.

Here's a few screen shots of what i came up with. (I probably won't be building one as funds for my projects are slim to none. But don't meani can't toy with ideas.) break.jpg breach.jpg

vertical version break.jpg open.jpg

2d of inside the valve double.jpg

chopper duke 08-27-2011 03:53 AM

I like it.

stolz 08-27-2011 05:37 AM

sign me up lol

crazyorigin 08-27-2011 08:35 AM

If you build it, they will come.

By they, I mean I.

Rainman229 08-27-2011 09:26 AM

I'll build it if someone wants to fund it. :)

crazyorigin 08-27-2011 09:37 AM

What type of funding would be necessary? I was thinking this could probably be done for pretty low budget using something like an ION as the valve body, threaded into the hinged break action front end, cocker threaded breaches, sold w/o barrels.

Rainman229 08-27-2011 09:57 AM

Not enough volume in an ion to pop 2 balls out. My design has around 2 cubic inches of air in the valve chamber. When an ion has about 1 cu inch.

crazyorigin 08-27-2011 10:05 AM

Did you design an entirely new valve assembly? It would also be pretty slick to see this simly milled to take cocker lower tube components and accept cocker frames, I would love to see a over/under that would take a cocker frame, would be the most bad *** pistol out there.

Skibbo 08-27-2011 12:58 PM

I've been designing a single shot break open dueling pistol since i was inspired by the historical paintball post, but I was going to use goblin shells.
something like this would be way more awesome.

MarkT 08-27-2011 01:04 PM

Why have both barrels fire at the same time? I would think a dual trigger model would be cooler.

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