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I know the feeling... take a break, walk away, and go at it again when you're less frustrated!
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Kendall send me a blueprint, I have some solid stock brass I can bore out and see if I can make this, no promises, if i get it made I will throw it in with the cram n jam
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Originally Posted by ksciupider View Post
F#@$#@%$@#%@#%#@$%@#$%#%#@%#@%@#%@#%@@%@%@#%@#%##% @@%@#$@$#%#%#$%^$%%^%$#^%$##$$%#%#%#@$@%#@%$@%@%%. .......
I hate my Polishing wheel, it decided to kill my pgp and rip the feedtube off of my gun. i havent cussed more in my life because i though it hit my dads 1978 CJ7 jeep but it missed by a hair.... phew.... so now i have to make a new feedtube or wait for my friend with the cram n jam...........
I drop any given piece 3-4 times each time I turn on the polishing wheel, So I know that feel bro...
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Brass and Wood Fan
Well i forgot to post the finished photo's, so here it is, i found the secret to patina a brown color,

I call it "Burnt Crap"

Originally Posted by Party View Post
They always get moody after you try to **** with them.
Now what's a cocker?
Women are a lot like Pokemon, it doesn't matter how good you are, You cant catch any if you don't have any balls.

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Looks really nice. Really good for a 15 year old. Your first **** always looks like, well, ****. The more you do it, the better the stuff looks. I pretty much threw away all my crappy looking stuff from early on, but if I still had it, it'd look like an ugly step sister of Snookie.

Also, walking away and taking a breather/break is always a good thing. I have been known to rush stuff, screw up, cuss out loud, throw stuff, then take a break, realized it's not as bad as a thought, grab a drink, and go again. Those few moments let you clear your head and actually think about what needs to be done and the right way to go about it. Try breaking parts down in your head while on a break. Sometimes I grab a piece of paper and sketch out/write out what needs to be done. Break things down to as small as you need to go, formulate how to get them there, and you won't go long with a build. It'll take longer, but I guarantee that it will look, perform and hold up better than a rushed job.

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