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Empire Sniper modding

Hey guys been a while since I have been in the shop doing work, practically a year. Got my hands on my new sniper, thanks to topgun. Gun shoots great but I thought it could be better.

I love this little gun but there were a few things I wanted to change and a few areas that i felt could be improved to give it a more highend feel.

The worst thing I felt was the trigger, It was sloppy, heavy, and felt very mechanical. It was just cut out of plate steel and was done that way to keep costs down.

I went the triggernomics route and I didnt use my mill to make the new trigger, instead I cut it out with a band saw and filed it to where I wanted it.

Its polished aluminum to make it lighter and smoother, it fits tighter in the slot to reduce the huge amount of play, the edges have all been rounded to give it a better feel, and its shaped to fit my finger better then the original trigger was. Of course this trigger is only temporary as I sent my original to acidcustoms to get a carbon fiber one made with roller bearings.

With the trigger work I also polished the contact points on the sear and put nylon bushings around the sear pin to give it a tighter fit. Then I filed the edges of the autotrigger flat round and polished that to give a smoother transition when ating. I finally polished the contact point of the hammer lug and put in a lighter sear spring, which all drastically improved the trigger feel. It feels light, comfortable, snappy, and does not have that mechanical grinding feel.

The other area i needed to change was the barrel. I love the empire barrel kit, the backs are great but I cant do 14" barrels. The rules for a good barrel to me are 16" and longer and the tip has to be a bright shinny color or it affects my aim. Luckily I had a very beat up all american 18" tip that I machined out to work with the new empire backs. The barrel now sits at just over 16"

The knurling was put on to get rid of a few major scuffs on the tip, I think it was drug on concrete at one point. And yes the empire barrel is cocker threaded at both sides.

The other issue I had was the small pump handle. I hate small pump handles ccm round handles are as small as I can tolerate and I still dont like them, I prefer the beefier t handles. I made this handle out of 1.75" round stock, nice and beefy. I then machined the thumb groove and put a finger dent on the front. Its amazing how much smoother a pump can feel if you can properly grip it and the original pump cant be gripped properly for paintball.

The inside of both the aluminum back and pump handle have been hollowed out to reduce the weight. The stock handle is very light at 2.8 ounces on my shipping scale. I got the beefy handle down to 4.2 ounces which isnt a bad tradeoff for the comfort and the extra smoothness.

I then polished out the guide rod to help improve the stroke. My tolerances are also a bit tighter on the handle so it gives a very sturdy feel.

I have a prototype bolt in the gun now but I am making another one. The material I used is some crappy acetal and it doesnt give that good slick feel of real name delrin. I also just got a better 1/8" round nose endmill to make the detent slots better. Im gonna have another go at the bolt sometime this upcoming week.

Ive been gone for a year but it has seemed like an eternity. I finished up college, and was captain of our schools steel bridge team which finished the best it ever has at nationals. I then landed a job, and that pretty much sums up my absence.

Most of the part im making for this are going to be going into the GSP team guns.

Enjoy this is a great little gun with great accessories for the money you pay. With some small mods it can be so smooth.

Bigger plans in the future include boring out the spacer in the body for more dump chamber, and then turning a new pump guide rod. This will be done because I want to put a balanced valve in it to reduce the spring weights by something crazy. That is down the road a bit though, next is the bolt, then I need my acidcustoms trigger, followed by a heavier fluted hammer, then I want to make a new valve body before I go for the balanced valve. The gun still needs more polishing to make it smoother, its pretty buttery now but it can be better.
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A new pump handle is a huge improvement on the empire sniper. That handle is my only complaint with mine.
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great work so far love the new pump handle
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I agree 100% on your views of sloppiness and the trigger, and am glad you're working on something to improve it.

I've not shot one, but just messing aroudn with one made me pretty unimpressed
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