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Excrement build-off entry (pic heavy)

I'v always wanted to do a proper PGP build, this seemed like a good opportunity. I traded for a pretty basic pgp as my base marker, it has a titus bolt and palmers rva but those shouldn't count against me too much.

I'll have to use this as my before photo for now, I'll see if I can get ahold of a proper photo from the previous owner (apparently i negelected to save a copy). So here's the body before I started cutting.

Ball count slots were the first order of business

Then the spring feed guide

Added a direct air inlet

Then I whipped up a quick .45 frame adapter plate.

After that I gave it a quick buff and grabbed a feed spring, ball pusher, and .45 frame out of my parts bin and threw everything together. This is where I am after day one, not bad for about an hours work.

Pump handle and vert air adaptor are next on my list, and new feed plug and rva (the palmers ones are a POS since they started using delrin)
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Damn she looks clean! A job well done
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Very nice.
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