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Talking Smiley's Poo Build

As soon as I turn in the dissertation for cataloging, I'll post all the info about what I was up to with my poo build.

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Smiley’s Poo Build (for the second Poo Build Contest)

Restoration of a Fubared 98 custom


This project was another person’s project who wanted to turn a 98 custom into an M1 Thompson carbine fubared it in the process. The owner then hocked it on Ebay after he could not get it to cycle right, mainly because of his modifications. It came with good upgrades too. In the MBoB, we had a crew member in need. He had a really crusty Spyder that was beyond his financial means to repair. The Brothers and I came together with funds to build him a “quality” replacement marker. This 98 custom was not going for much on Ebay. I ended up winning the 98 with the bid of $110. Although, I had no idea that 98 was not working when I bidded on it. Here are the Ebay pics of the marker:

When we saw the 98 Custom on Ebay, especially with all of the upgrades, we were hoping that just news seals and an internal polishing would be all the 98 needed and we could give it to our friend. Wrong.

Building the MBoB version of the 98s (AKA Smiley 98s) are expensive. All the plastic is replaced with anodized aluminum, everything else is polished. The upgrades are specific to what we want to accomplish and they can be pricey depending on where and who we buy them from. But, the end result is a 98 Custom that can shoot 16 BPS. And at certain fields where the electro markers are capped at 12 BPS, the Smiley 98s are legally the fastest markers on the field.

We wanted to build one of these for our brother in need. We were able to generate a limited number of funds. That meant that buying the new upgrades needed for the 98 and a new 98 Custom itself was not going to happen with what we collected. This also meant we had to look at Ebay for possibilities…to buy a 98 with the upgrades already on it. Finding a 98 Custom tricked out with $350 worth of upgrades on Ebay for a little over a hundred bucks is phenomenal, especially back in the fall of 2008. That is why we bought this 98 custom. We intended to spruce it up for our friend who wanted a Smiley 98 but could never afford it. Here is the charity thread from the MBoB website:

Paintball Equipment Rentals


When the 98 Custom came in the mail, we saw how just a mess of a gun it was. We also were immediately caught off guard by the wood furniture that was homemade from what looked like a pine 2 X 4. The body had been heavily chopped up and the Duracoat was also on the inside of the marker internals. The wood fore grip was held on with wood screws and was wide and clunky and JUNKY looking. See pics:

The actual wood screws -

What the internal view of the 98 is like –

The initial pics of the marker on Ebay (above) do not show the top profile, but from the top, the rifle has a wide – 3.75 inches wide profile. Essentially, the foregrip was a chunk of a 2 X 4. This is the clunky furniture that replaced the butt end of the BT folding stock –

This is the furniture I took off the 98 –

I hocked it all with other Tippmann junk in a small mystery box a while back –

This was the regulator was also taken off and hocked –

And the remote line and the scope went bye-byes also.

We used the funds generated from the sale of the upgrades we didn’t need to buy another 98 custom that was not fubarred. We cannibalized / swapped / transferred the upgrades from the fubared 98 and fixed up the replacement 98.

This is what is was left with from the original Ebay purchase:
A fubared 98, the BT stock, & the internals…

And that’s the way it sat for a couple years, until when I was cleaning shop after a massive build run of markers. And this project went on the shelf in the one cuppard. Every time I would open the door to the cuppard, the body of the fubared 98 would fall out and land on my foot. This simple action reminded me it existed and I would put a little time into planning how to fix it properly. This went on for a few years. Most of the time I just stared at the receiver for a 10 -20 minutes at the end of the shift before I left and just pondered how to fix up because I hate having wasted markers sitting around. I was lucky to put in more than 1 hour of actual physical work over a 6 month period.

With no vertical fore grip, that limited the 98 to having the propellant only run from the bottom line. That wasn’t good enough for me. I personally prefer a weighted vertical setup or a back bottle setup for running the CO2. On a 98 with RT and Cyclone, they seem to run smoother.


I had this old stainless steel vertical adapter sitting on the bench from an old spyder rental that we installed a new bottom line hose. I began to play around with the idea of running the stainless steel ASA straight from the 98 custom valve. I thought off using the Proteam Productions micron filter as an extender as seen in the pic:

But that would NOT be sturdy enough. Then I decided to machine the 98 Custom receiver to allow the stainless steel ASA sit recessed inside as it was screwed directly into the 98 Custom cartridge valve.

The original owner was trying to create a carbine-esque paint rifle.
At this point, all the crappy special ed wood had been removed. The original stock has been reinstalled, and I have been busy perfecting the fore grip issue. Again, every time this thing falls on my foot at the shop, I put more time into it, which isn’t much. Only about 1-2 hours at a time when I have a break in the project work.

As I said before, two wood screws keep the front fore grip attached to the body of the milled 98. The absurd thing is that the original owner didn’t even drill the holes into the clamshell receiver for clearance of the diameter of the wood screws. This caused the receiver of the fubared 98 not go together tightly and stay split apart at the front of the receiver. As a result the exhaust from the valve vented from the seams of the 98 when it fired and affected blowback recocking.

To remedy this, what I did was use some JB Weld that I had at the shop, mixed with aluminum dust to make it stronger and filled in the cavity of the receiver where the vertical adapter tube would have laid. When I did this, I took 2 square nuts from the grip where the bottom line attaches and placed them in the weld mix as it hardened. The front most nut “slot” had to be drilled out with a dremel. The opposite side of the clam shell was made to match for maximum sturdiness. See Pic:

PART THREESo, in the years of pecking away at this trying to figure out the BEST possible way to make the vision of the original owner had a reality, this is where I am at:

I even modified the body for a VERTICAL ASA from the Valve. Going to need REALLY STRONG loctite for this to work -

The for grip came glued to a barrel of something NOT Tippmann a LONG time ago and has sat in the Shop for YEARS until it landed on my foot right after this marker did. A little dremel work here and there… It looks pretty cool. It just needs reinforced.

Instead of the stock being held on with 2 wood screws, I machined the 98 Custom body to take two bottom line nuts so that I could have the stock held in place with two 10/32 screws. Still have a bit of wobble though –

To eliminate that wobble, I thought about using a bedding compound, but that stuff is expensive and I was going to need LARGE amounts of the compound to create the bedding between the barrel and the stock. I didn’t want to spend any money on this project. I took my time on this and thought it out for the course of a week and found that using a dowel rod 5-8 inch to plug the fore grip was a wiser decision.



I could now use bedding compound to finish up what tiny wobble I had left –

After bit of sanding and cleaning, it was time for staining and finish –


Didn't do anything else with this marker this past weekend other than take the foregrip off the dry hook where it has hung for the past 2 weeks.

What we have so far -

The .45 panels are my own. I now make them from oak or cherry wood and stain them. I lacquer them pretty heavy if it is going to be used for paintball. I actually had a left over set from the Smiley 98 Gen 4 builds.
Here are better pics of my homemade .45 grips –

I now need to repolish the internal I.D. and find VERY strong locktite.


I polished up the hammer all nice and purdy:



I also polished up the clamshell receiver’s ID

I even gutted the valve cartridge and polished the internals and did some milling as well as smileyizing the valve with my own custom orings and spring.

The aluminum power tube that came with the Smiley 98 was also polished to a mirror finish –

At this point the vertical ASA has been installed and loctited into place. It’s a perfect fit.


General Assembly

It’s now time to do the assembly of all the internals.

The RT was piecemealed together with lawn mower gas line hosing and used parts along with replacement warranty parts that I keep on hand in the field kit for the MBoB 98s. The new o rings and detents came from what I had on hand in a spare kit that came with a 98 Custom I bought a while back.

Now that the internals are all together, it’s time to put the furniture on. Note the barrel has changed yet again. I had this 12 inch Smart Parts Progressive in the one misc barrel bin that has sat there for years. I like how it sits on the 98 with the wood. Plus the Progressives are good barrels. It will make the marker shoot much nicer.

To mount the wood fore grip, I am using 2 X 1.25 inch stainlees steel screws from my Harbor Freight screw bin -

I need a cyclone and with them costing $50 PLUS, that’s just not acceptable. Last year I did a lot of repair work on A5s. Most of them had defective cyclones that I replaced with warranty X7 Phenom Cyclones from Tippmann. I still have a big bag of broken cyclones for the A5.

I was able to take all the defective cyclone parts along with the left over working stock parts I had from Lapco and TechT cyclone modifications and create one working cyclone from this monster –

I just needed a 98 Custom adapter bracket thingy. As I was digging through the box of parts Tippmann had sent me over the years, I did find one plastic bracket that was missing the mounting 1/4 20 screw and the front sight latch –

I was able to use the vertical adapter screw from the automag for mounting the bracket to the cyclone–

As for the latch, I took an extra 98 custom elbow that had the latch–

And I chopped it down to fit –

So, I went from this –


And I took the screw from the 98 Custom elbow.

I even had a cyclone wrap laying around too (COOL) –

I did not have an extra cyclone hopper unfortunately. Those are something that we are always on short supply with around here. But I did have a ProTeam Tac-cap that fit nicely.


This is what MOST 98 customs look like –

And this is my Poo -

LOADED for the Field

Here it is at our field gassed up, chronoed at 289 FPS, and loaded with paint:

I have the 98 Custom Carbine tuned at 14 BPS and the trigger is set up for 1 touch for semi, and “squeeze” for full auto. It shoots as far as my VMs, which is an amazing feat.

And here’s the video…

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Linky if embed code doesn't work - Poo Build 2 contest Smiley Burke - YouTube

Keep in mind, I’m using really brittle and crappy paint that is two years old. I’m a bit poor now and couldn’t afford fresh paint.

My Poo was made with left over parts from other builds, a surplus of supplies, an extra parts kit the came with a 98 custom I bought a while back, some on hand warranty parts and the misc junk that was lying around the shop. I built the Poo with what was on hand. The tools consisted of my hand tools, and a dremel rotary tool and a drill. This is all stuff I have on hand at the shop for airsmithing. No funds were used to build this Poo marker.
If you vote for my Poo, it will allow me to continue being a member on here, especially since my membership is about to expire.


Smiley Burke

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reserved again
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Got my stuff posted. Thanks for the patience.

Back to copy editing the dissertation for me.

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i just can't get over how shiny you have polished the breech. nicely done!

just watched the video. if you're going to rock a trench coat with that gun, you need a trilby not a wig!

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Dat polish be Shmexy!!!
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Awesome, nice job!
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Thanks guys.

The embedded video isn't working. Here's the link -
Linky if embed code doesn't work - Poo Build 2 contest Smiley Burke - YouTube

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Originally Posted by infamoussmiley View Post
Thanks guys.

The embedded video isn't working. Here's the link -
Linky if embed code doesn't work - Poo Build 2 contest Smiley Burke - YouTube

you embed like this
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I agree with Don.
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