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That is absolutely amazing!

Maybe you should add a theme song to all your markers...
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i just realized my thread has almost twice the views of the entry list!

haha thanks guys.
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Thumbs up I

Want to shoot it great build
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It "feels" nice when you touch it
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NICE WORK HEINOUS!!! She's a peach as she is, the micromag body blows away the sydarm body as a base!

If I may suggest though....

You know me!

Within the limits of the build i'd mount your ASA on a $10 45 degree rail adapter:

First using a rail extender like this to extend the rail far enough toward the back end of the valve for the changer to clear:

This would angle the changer downwards at the back, fighting liquid. That would help a bunch, IMO.

Outside the limits of the build, the 45 rail adapter plus a palmer regulated changer set to give 850 psi would make this a truly fine pistol capable of keeping up with any shooter!

It's a winner of a job, all contests aside!
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Rob, it would all have to be dovetail versions of the rails right? To use the current asa

Or... a dovetail to weaver rail adapter tjat extends back, then the 45 angle.
Then a 1" scope ring with a female pps stab in it.
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i could always borrow a set of dovetail rails from one of my other guns, then buy an asa angle to place above it, and attach a spare duckbill on top. that would angle it the same way. the rail length and height should be enough to not need an extender. then again, those should be easy to find too. i only ended up doing it the current way to save costs and retain usage of the sights.

i also thought about hollowing out the grip frame and placing a duckbill in it so that i can have in-grip 12 grams, but that's beyond the scope of this project too, i really didn't want to permanently damage any parts unless necessary.

but now that the project is done i am free to upgrade this gun as i wish (as long as i got spare change), and i have totally forgotten about the palmer changer, i would definitely want to use that.
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A quick and easy way to angle the CO2 would be to use a short nipple between the valve and the on/off ASA. This would enable you to angle the assembly and have it offset to the right. This would remove your macro line fittings and allow you to aim easier over the top.
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I must have missed that memo

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Really impressive! Nice work!

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thanks! i think i'll bring it to FEW this weekend
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efficiency numbers?

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