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Trigger switch on a Reloader B2?

Okay, so I've got a Reloader B2 warpless set up on my MM2k9. I'm trying to figure out a way to run an intelliswitch so the loader cycles on each trigger pull. Can I just mount the trigger switch and splice some wires, or do I need to run something to the board, or is this just a pipe dream? Thanks.

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I've never dug into my B2s. As an interesting test, you could try putting a rod or screw between the marker body and the B2 shell to carry the sound over. The sound board is pretty sensitive, it may just need a little help.
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That's something I'll check on. I haven't done any extensive testing on the setup yet, just put a hopper through it, and it wasn't keeping a good stack. Though when testing off-gun, it kept a continuous stack being pushed out until it was empty. It might have been batteries or other settings, but I just wanted to try and have something that was more consistent.
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If you swapped the reloader board for a halo one you might be able to wire a switch in place of the eye.
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helps to put a small detent as close to you elbow as possible for feedstack issues.Ive made several boxmags and stacking was always a problem,weight from ballstack will confuse your hopper into thinking its loaded.I actually used my extra detent from my Micromag for this.If you have any question on this PM me and I can send you some pics
Nice setup btw,my 1st gun i bought was a PTP micromag in '97
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