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Sppl certified AT launcher project in the works. Need help!

I'm in the process of making an at launcher for scenario games, and i had a couple of questions.

1) How big does my expansion chamber need to be to launch a nerf rocket at 230 fps using only 100 psi? The ones I see on custom launchers seem to be the size of a 2 liter soda. (I may be exaggerating a little)

2) Any ideas on what I should use for an expansion chamber? (must be metal, and must have a somewhat thick wall diameter (so I can tap holes into it for the gauge and safety relief valve)

3) What's the best way to connect the expansion chamber to the 2" barrel of the launcher?

4) What's a good electronic valve to use as a trigger?

Thanks for the help! My team needs an AT guy for fulda gap, LL, etc. and I don't want to spend the cash on a metadyne if I can help it.

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I used galvanized steel pipe for a set of confetti canons that ran at 200psi. Without having them in front of me I think the air chambers were 5 inches of 3/4 width pipe. They were able to shoot 1.5" tomatoes about 150 feet with a bad barrel seal and ball valve. I rigged up a fill whip from a spare reg, on/off, and some hose with a QD fitting.

You might be able to get a nerf rocket up to speed with a larger chamber and higher pressure but check the materials limits. Home depot says the pipe I used has a max working pressure of 700 psi.
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My 1st launcher I sucessful built was out of 4in pvcx20 in with a 3 foot longX 2 dia barrel@80psi,i used a sprinkler valve and 9 volt for the trigger and filled using a Co2 bike tire filler
it shot@200fps HOWEVER I DONT recommened using pvc as burst pressure is low!!!

My second and safer one I built used a industrial pressure washer trigger(rated@5000BAR prs.) adapted to fit a 2 diaX18 in barrel.From a prereged 800psi tank it shot around 200fps,I also have an old Air america reg,adjusted it to 1000 psi output and got another 30fps
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I started making these cannons ever since APG had a 2 page spread showing one of the first for paintball back in 88-89. The reservoir should be of equal volume to the barrel or as close as possible. 2" schedule 80 PCV pipe by 2 to 3ft for the barrel. The reservoir made from 2" schedule 80 PVC pipe shorter about the length of the sprinkler solenoid valve. Do NOT use PVC vent pipe or drain pipe. On a sprinkler solenoid valves the solenoid just dumps the head or pilot pressure that holds the main valve closed. You can make an aluminum plug to replace the solenoid and connect it to an air duster. Because that duster will dump the pilot pressure faster it will shoot farther w/ less pressure. I read about this mod online. The author was using an air cannon to launch a tennis ball and pull string to raise ham radio antennas in the woods. He claimed that it gave him an extra 10%. I like not needing batteries to trip the solenoid. If you want metal construction portable aluminum O2 bottles work well.
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