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10 round tube speed feed station and 50 rnd pocket hopper speed feed for tube

Hello, I'm fairly new here and had a few ideas that I read about and decided to alter them some and combine a few and as far as I know even come up with a solution myself. First off is the 10 round tube speed loader idea from grimace that I saw on YouTube that I decided to alter and incorporate a tube holder/ loading station. He uses an old revy and I used a vl force, I'd reccomend the force eye though so it saves batteries and doesn't batter your paint constantly, eventually ill switch my own out. My tubes don't have lids as I use the pb mafia joyride which I also highly reccomend.

Here is a video of it in action, sorry its my first video.
10 round paintball tube speed loader and tube holder - YouTube

The second idea that I put to use was the classic 50 round hopper lock lid mod, I did the way that utilizes part of the pod as well so it's easy to replace a broken lid, has a better seal, and is mounted the way it was intended to be for proper lid function. The spin off that I went from there is I cut out the dye logo an trimmed a phantom feed gate way down to produce a 10 round tube speed feed for it. I haven't seen this yet so if I'm accidentally not giving props it is unintentional. Enjoy!

If you have any questions let me know I'd be happy to answer them.

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Some good ideas there.

However, the fastest tube loader I've seen is an open 100 round pod in one hand, 7 tubes in the other - place tubes upside down over 100 round pod and flip the whole thing over.
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But that doesn't help loading 6 or less or 8 or more unless you go in groups of 7 only, even then it can get messy I'm sure, this is pretty damn quick if you have two hands and you'll never drop a ball.
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Nice work, that stand is a neat idea! I've been thinking about adding a feed gate to the Revvy I dont use, but id just leave my tubes in the elastic loop of my joyride.
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Right, that's what I was doing too but it was annoying to me to flop the loader around each tube, wasn't really a huge problem as much as I like to tinker. Also this idea came about because if the time limit between bouts at a tournament, this would allow someone to grab and go up to 74 tubes, more if you decide to make the thing bigger plus I wanted a base that would hold the loader up and be alternately useful as well.
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That's a great idea and invention
Mad props
I might steal your idea hahaha
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I know what I'm going to do with my old Halo now.
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I've made a couple if ten round tube speed feeds on my pocket hoppers. Not saying you sole my idea as I've never posted it on the internet. Just glad to see someone else doing that. You did a much better job though too. I didn't have a phantom feedgate to use at the time so I cut up a thread protector I found at work for one of our hydraulic fittings. I'll be using a phantom feedgate next time after this one actually finishes breaking. Its missing one of four "fingers" good job on everything by the way.
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@yogi, go for it, if you want a parts list that I used to make it message me and I'll get it too you.

@penarol, I'm not sure you'd want to use a halo as it puts constant pressure on the stack and you'd have a hard to impossible time gettin the tube into the feed gate since the dirt ball has to be able to move out of the way of the fingers, I know it was impossible to do with my rotor.

@moose, your way sound quite inventive, would be interested to see that, the phantom feed gate was only like 5$ so it made it totally worth it, just cut it off with a Dremel right where the taper begins then push it down on the cutting wheel top to make it flat(if you don't are that it's wavy it's not necessary as any edges will get smoothed over with the epoxy.
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I saw a 10rnd loading system that works great. Can't remember where I saw it but it worked like this:

2 rows of 10rnds (but really you could make it any dimension) in a holder that worked similar to the one in the op, but above the tubes was a trough that you just poured paintballs into and they funneled into the tubes
i believe there was some kind of hatch to plug the trough holes so you could take it off the top and put another set of tubes in
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