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TFrevold 01-15-2013 10:59 PM

New Anodizing acid tank :P
Old Learning tank. acid looks brown do to my floor lol. Its also used.

2 Gal

25 Gal

i have enough acid to make a 40 gal tank if I out grow this one.

as you can see it would be difficult to fit an entire gun in a 2 gal tank that's roughly 16 inches long 12 inches wide and 3 inches deep acid wise.

New tank is 18 inches wide 3 feet long and 15 inches deep

Don't mind the clutter its getting all picked up tomorrow I needed to use the waste bucket to balance the acid bucket on while I poured it in lol damn 5 gals are heavy

tymcneer 01-16-2013 03:27 AM

Sweet! I may have a project... I think you will need more amps, though. ;)


TFrevold 01-16-2013 07:25 AM

i got a 50 amp rectifier... I can kill myself many times over lol.

Spider! 01-16-2013 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by TFrevold (Post 2594499)
i got a 50 amp rectifier... I can kill myself many times over lol.

lol. Nice lead sheet; where did you get that?

TFrevold 01-16-2013 01:10 PM

.... **** was expensive. Was funny watching the ups guy carry a 120 lb box in that was the size of a shoe box lol.

dynastypballa 01-16-2013 05:43 PM

If you wanted to spend less you could have gone thinner. Hell I wish I would have used 1/32 instead of 1/8.

Hahahaha, I also got the opportunity to watch my carrier lug that thing to my door to. He was like what the hell is in here a brick of lead? I was like YUP! :) hahaha

TFrevold 01-17-2013 11:38 PM

First crap outta the new tank :P

still drying

Pif 01-18-2013 02:03 AM

Nice new tank :)

Spider! 01-18-2013 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by TFrevold (Post 2596480)
still drying

Is that after sealing?

TFrevold 01-18-2013 12:48 PM

ya nothings really attached other then the pump arm and feedneck. even those are barely touching

Crappy cellphone picture though :<

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