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What dremel should I get?

Hi guys so I
am thinking about making a custom spring feed for my vsc phantom. My design os relatively simple and I only reaully need to modify the horiontal feed block. The problem is that I have absolutly no tools.

Do you guys think that a dremel with a sanding bit would work to kind of make the inside wide enough?

If so what dremel would you recommend for this job. My price range is around $50?

Thanks in advance.

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This is the one I use, and it's right in your price range.

200 Series 2 Speed Rotary Tool with 15 Assorted Accessories-200-1/15 at The Home Depot

Most important thing, at least to me, is make sure you get one that is Corded. The ones with rechargable batteries don't last very long.

Once you've got a basic one, then you can go and buy the accessories that you need individually. That will help you not break the bank
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Talking from experience here the person who burnt out 2 Rotary Tools on his project.

DO NOT BUY anything but the Dremel brand name. They seem to work well under a load and for a long time. I bought 2 cheap Rotary Tools and burned them both out in a matter of 20 minutes of use. Yea think I would have learned the first time. The one that docholiday is suggesting is a good one to start. When you need a different piece then go and get it. Stay away from the battery powered one, there is not enough power to do squat with it.
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As mentioned before, buy any Dremel you want as long as it plugs into the wall. The package deals with a ton of accessories are usually worth the extra money.
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I bought the Black and Decker one, it's 2 amps instead of 1.14, the extra power seems to help.
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Buy dremel Brand! I burnt out two dremel brands and both were replaced for free! They even gave me the newest model for a replacement!! (save your receipt when you buy them) If they can't fix it they will replace it!
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Alright everybody thanks for the replies! I think I am going to go with the dremel series 200.
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