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Yoda closed bolt Ion conversion electronics options

Hey guys, so I have a closed bolt converted Ion that I am currently running as a mech, but I am itching to tinker...

What I would like is a fully functional electro version... but with working eye logic.

This rules out using a stock board...
3 questions:

1) Are there existing boards which would work out of the box? Thinking about Eblade electronics here but I have no first hand experience with these

2) Are there boards which I could program myself? Scenario Dreams perhaps?

3) Regarding solenoids: Gun operates around 190psi, and I really don't want to have to add an LPR, so the solenoid needs to be able to handle 190psi. Essentially I just need a normally on solenoid with a single input and output. Any suggestions?

I also have the wherewithall to do a custom contoller using an arduino or even make my own board, if i need to.

BTW, the eye logic works as follows (and yes, this is simplistic, more functionality can always be added later)

STATE0: Solenoid inactive (pressure on): If <trigger> goto STATE1 else STATE0

STATE1: Solenoid active (pressure off): If <eye> goto STATE0 else STATE1

The operation will go like this:
1) Ball loaded, gun at rest in STATE0.
2) Trigger pull causes state transition to STATE1, activating the solenoid, firing the ball, and retracting the bolt.
3) STATE1 is maintained, and bolt is held back, until a ball in sensed by the eyes, causing a transition back to STATE0, which pushes the bolt forward, loading the ball into the barrel. The system then waits for another trigger input.

This is so simple that it can be done without any microcontroller at all, just using digital logic, but for the sake of adjustability (perhaps to add sleeps between states, etc), I will likely prototype using an arduino.
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The only thing I can think of that is "available" would be an eblade board. I tried it with a UTB, but the closed bolt eye logic on them does not work at all. Damon has released the source code for them though, so reprogramming one to work properly is a possibility.

The MAC 33 solenoid valves that Lucky had made for them work well, and are rated for 200psi. As far as I know, ebay is the only place left to get them. Often listed as Lucky Ultimate Solenoid. Beware, the solenoids are power hungry, and some boards do not like them. Likely not an issue considering your slim pickings of boards or having to make your own.

Lucky Stage 4 Mac 33 Solenoid 3 Way Valve 33A AAA Rdua 0BL 200psi for SP Ion | eBay

If you are inclined to do your own board, and are willing to share your design openly, the operating system of the closed bolt Ion kits is the same as the MCB open source gun, it would be great to be able to add an open source board to the mix.
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Well I already ordered a UTB and Mac33 solenoid, so I will try tinkering with that for now. If I have to reprogram, well its been a while since I programmed at the chip level, but that should be doable
I'll update this thread when I have more info.
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