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Mq valved ego possible?

Am i crazy for wanting to try to modify an ego 6 for an mq valve? Is this even possible? Any ideas on how it can be done if possible at all? Ive always wanted a nexus ego 6 and an mq valve would make it shoot that much better.
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I don't know how that would be possible in any practical way. The bolt needs to connect to something and get moved by it. In a regular ego, that's the rammer. That wouldn't exist with a MQ valve. You'd really have to completely re-do all of the internals and the board for the marker and force them into an ego body, and basically turn it into a stacked tube excal. Which would be fine if it was at all shaped by it, but unfortunately it's not and there's not much room to play with in an ego.
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I'm with cfos here, it would basically mean trying to turn the gun into a different type of marker. However, I do see a possible option that could remedy the rammer problem. What you could do is, since the rammer can not be in the lower tube, drill holes through the side of the grip frame for the lp tubing from the solenoid to run through, and then mount a autococker style rammer to the side of the body, leading to a midblock type sled that the bolt would have to slot into. This is just a quick thought, it may not work at all, but I thought it was worth a mention.
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I mean, you technically could redesign a bicycle to be rocket powered... the questions to ask at times like this is: why? and what are you trying to accomplish?
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a better plan would be put an ego style rammer in an autococker..
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