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Convert a CP Classic Barrel into a "tactical" barrel with muzzle threading


I have a old classic CP barrel (16 inches long) and I was wondering if it is possible to have threads put on the muzzle end to screw on a mock suppressor, like the ones that Flasc sells?

If so, who can I speak to to have this done?
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A few weeks ago, Staunchy posted pics on his Facebook of Phantom barrels that he'd threaded for muzzle breaks. I'd assume he could do a CP barrel. Send him a PM and see.
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if i can hold the OD of the barrel, i can rethread it

i have some of the old spec ops tips in stock too
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Shouldn't be too hard. You'd potentially have a problem if the porting gets too close to the muzzle (need enough room for the threads), but there's probably some sort of workaround (facing until it's past the porting?)

Then it's just an adjustable die and some cutting oil!

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