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Talking super ebolt, frankenstein ebolt, whatever you want to call it plz help

What's up everybody, new guy on the forums and I'm ready to start bugging you with questions. I recently picked up madmandrew's ebolted 98 which I believe is a stock gta bolt and board. I'm looking to turn this into what people call a super ebolt or what not with the feed....2- way ram...EVERYTHING. And honestly I don't know jack about ebolts. I understand that this is going to take money, time, fabricating and know I could buy a decent gun considering all of this but I need a project like this. I live in South Dakota , it was 70 degrees about two weeks ago and within a few days of that we got 19inches of snow.....I also weld/fabricate metal and have a buddy with a custom motorcycle shop so access to mills and lathes are no problem for me.

Im thinking of going in the direction of a scenario dreams board and intimidator noid so I can hide the battery in the grip and fill in the bolt slot but I know to do this the ram needs to be 2-way. I have no idea if a gta bolt is 2-way or how to make it if there's anybody out there that has built a marker like this or can at least point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!
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Welcome to MCB!

Personally, I'm not much on the latest Tippmann mods, but we have a separate Tippmann - sub-forum, under the Armory section.

Many of the members are also over on the specialty forums, like

When you get down to building specific custom parts, this is indeed a good spot to ask questions and show your work.
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They're not too complex. If you have a program that can open/measure 3d models I can whip something up.

If you REALLY want to get fancy you could probably (probably) make a 98 reciever out of billet ALU and then bolt a frame on with standard cocker holes. Would open up a wider variety of frame choices/board choices.

For the basic mechanics of what you're talking about :
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Mount it all in an AK-47 style clip where the foregrip on the 98 should be. That's what I would try to do anyways.
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To give you a rough idea of where you're gonna need to go with this project (Back in 2004-2005, I converted my 98C to an Ebolt but, then the board failed, and then the ram failed):

GTA and PsychoBallistics bolts are 1-way, Air forward, Spring return. There was information on the web about converting a GTA ram to a 2-way (via milling and drilling). The better solution was to build a new ram assembly (naturalnewb over on the Tippmann forums did this iirc) with a lighter rammer.

As you know, you'll need a new solenoid (a three-way). I couldn't begin to recall the model used before nor could I answer if a Timmy solenoid would work.

You'll need to add a low pressure reg for the pneumatics (in case you didn't know).

A Rufus Dawg Centerfeed allowed for a relatively simple conversion to centerfeed. Google will help you find one.

The body will need some internal milling for the eye wires, and it'd be a good idea to mod the main valve to disable blowback (I hacked a way to do this before my ram failed). the grip can be modded for battery compartment. One kit actually included a battery box that looked like a rear cocking slot cover kit. In my kit, the board used a photocell.
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that's the tipmann ebolt set that had the battery as the cocking slot cover. As for ebolts and conversion. you are better off on unfortunately I lost contact with the guy who made the first ebolt for tipmann
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Thanks! Through the names I was able to find a few plans on how to two-way the ram
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Ken at kpcs did a wicked one of those for a giveaway at hellsurvivors he can be found in the air smiths section it had a 90* angel style frame and everything if I remember correctly

Found the pic
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