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Halfblock Bolt Designs

Recently picked up a halfblock cocker and the bolt is very plain jane: relatively tight fitting cylinder with an air hole on the bottom. Curious on what people's thoughts are on o-ringed bolts, different air openings at the bolt face, etc. I'm knew to the cocker scene but I keep hearing/seeing different kinds of bolts with different bolt faces and 0-3 o-ring bolts. Just curious on what people think/have experience with.

Also curious how compatible if at all Sniper, T2, etc. bolts are with a halfblocked cocker.
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The shape of the hole at the front of the bolt is irrelevant. As long as it's not greatly offset (like the old Cooper-T "undershot" bolts) the hole can be octagonal, a grid of six holes, three star shaped holes, one sun shaped hole, or thirty-six teeny little holes. You can make it look like a smiley face (I tried that once) or a big "X" or the letter "Q"- as long as the area of the opening is more or less the same in all cases, overall performance will be essentially the same.

As for sizing the hole, the trick is to make the passage essentially the same size all the way from the valve to the surface of the ball. The less you let the air burst expand, the more energy it keeps until it hits the ball.

As for O-rings, it's possible to buy tiny amounts of air efficiency with a sealed bolt, but generally speaking, the amount is so small most of us would never notice. The extra drag of the O-rings, however, has a noticible effect in bolt speed, and thus both timing and overall ROF.

A snugly-fitted smooth Delrin bolt works just fine, and is the best overall compromise.

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Sweet thanks!
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If its a cocker orings will help with air consumption, it will hurt a pump stroke though if it is going to be a sniper.

Angled air inlets are better for flow and a tapered open face front is best for efficient flow characteristics, look at an aka lightning bolt, for great flow properties. The better the flow the better the efficiency and usually the lower the pressure for a smoother gun.

Venturi bolts are great at reducing noise but not much else, as an alternative option if it is high on your priorities
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Quite would be nice since it is a halfblock/micro cocker. Plan was to make it as small as possible. I skipped on mini-ing it since I hear velocity issues happen more frequently with doing that. I'm running a WWA freak back and tapered tip so it will probably end up really loud.
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