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JaKaL 11-01-2013 09:37 AM

How would you approach this? (2-stage trigger)
I've had what could be a silly idea: making an autococker's trigger pull into a double-stage trigger pull. (i.e. a detented action like an old double barrel shotgun with one trigger)

My initial thought is to literally drill and tap a hole somewhere on the grip frame (near the safety hole area) for a standard cocker-type detent and file a slot into the trigger plate.

How would you approach it? Thoughts?

dano_____ 11-01-2013 04:14 PM

First off, why? Secondly, where would you be mounting this?

Nobody 11-02-2013 12:40 AM

that wouldn't work, unless you have the the sears for both hammers staggered for both barrels. which gets to a lot of complication as you then will have getting air to valves(assuming you are using a nelson style valve train).

if you can find, or borrow, or ask politely for someone to lend you(or take pics of) a Double Deuce, that would help you get an idea of a trigger style for a double barrel gun.

JaKaL 11-02-2013 03:40 PM

Perhaps I should offer a different example - the double shotgun was a bad analogy. Think more like a sharps rifle.

Why? I'm attempting a target-pistol style setup based on a mini cocker. I was trying to think of ways to separate the sear release from the cocking stroke while still leaving it as a functional semi auto. I want to be able to squeeze a hair trigger to touch off a shot and have the gun not NECESSARILY recock. (In order to minimize gun motion)

I know it's esoteric. I know it's probably "not worth it." But it'd be cool, and what about a custom gun is "worth it?"

JaKaL 11-02-2013 03:43 PM

How would you approach this? (2-stage trigger)
Here's how she sits, a work in progress. She'll be heading out soon to have a brass spring feed and iron sights added.

Danny D 11-02-2013 03:54 PM

The way regular guns have double stage triggers (mauser variants, enfields, lugers) is that the sear is notched so when the trigger is pulled, you can feel these notches. With the enfield the trigger that engages the sear is notched.

If I were you I would create these notches by either soldering copper onto the sear or trigger plate, or experiment using jb, or epoxy first to get the shape right. Alteritavely, you can dremel out notches (just need 2 bumps) or make your own trigger plate willing out the correct location of notches.

JaKaL 11-02-2013 04:11 PM

Thanks for the input, Danny. I have little knowledge of real-steel mechanics and the picture helps especially. I have some thinking to do now...

Dawg047 11-02-2013 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by JaKaL (Post 2835239)
Here's how she sits, a work in progress. She'll be heading out soon to have a brass spring feed and iron sights added.

Did you make those grips? Any more information on them? Love the build, looks great.

JaKaL 11-02-2013 05:31 PM

Thanks very much! The grips are a set of target grips made to fit a 1911. I bought them off ebay many moons ago and the seller never mentioned a brand. The palm support is adjustable. I did quite a bit of work to them with sandpaper and files to shape them to perfectly fit both the grip frame (a bob long palm swell/grooved .45 slider) and my hand. I can essentially relax my hand completely and the gun stays glued to me no matter how I hold it. Add a bit of grip pressure and its a SUPER stable platform for a pistol.

I'm hoping a bit of WALZ lovin' will make this into something special. Of the many little projects I've had, this one is already a favorite and I've yet to even have it cycling.

nhyrym 11-02-2013 07:35 PM

since its a cocker, you could time it so the sear and 3 way actuate separatley, then do something to the trigger as stated above to make you feel the click

Sick brass. i wish i had a nice brass barrel for my cocker(or a brass freak insert, hear theyre super accurate

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