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Clappers, boards and relays; Oh my.

I'm not terribly electronically inclined so I figured I'd come here for some input. Im getting back on the project bandwagon for the winter, so I'd like to do it right.

I want to run a clapper noid from an 05 ego board.

Problems :

Noid's power draw is capped at 12v (Noid in question : ) and will require atleast that to trip the seer on a classic automag. I can play around with the leverage but I would like to keep it straight under the on/off if I can

An ego noid operates around 5volts. Volts won't be enough to actuate the valve

The solenoid requires a capacitor that will have to be tied in to provide the quick burst of juice without melting everything else.

Could I wire a relay switch to the firing controls?

5volts energizes the relay for X(X being dwell)
Energy flows from the capacitor (wired up to the 9v) to the 12v noid.

Any ideas? It all sounds plausable but I have no real confidence in saying this is a realistic thing to do. Is it more plausible to find a push-type solenoid with enough force at an acceptable voltage? This one for example

I appreciate the input. I'd much rather use this ego board than a Spyder/PMI board as a direct drop in. Pics as stuff progresses.
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Why not just try to find a solenoid that works at 5 volts and is made for paintball? Not sure what the Tippmann Crossover solenoid voltage is, but that would be under 9V at least. Seems like that would work pretty well.

The 2 prong connector shown should be the same as the Ego board as well so that makes it much nicer.
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It is all plausible.. You need to run a couple things here..
First, drive a debounced trigger circuit to the input side of a 555 IC timer, the 555 can be used in conjunction with a capacitor and a resistor to determine dwell, finally the ouput of the 555 can be used with npn or pnp transistor (would have to draw a schematic to determine which) to drive the solenoid (cap wired in series)

The issue becomes voltage.. 9v to 5v is easy, simple voltage divider can accomplish that.. 9v to 12v is harder and requires the use of a step up converter. Look up LT1615 for a circuit describing this.
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You should be able to use the ego board to drive a power transistor, which would handle your solenoid/capacitor circuit. Somewhere in there you will need a "free-wheeling" diode to keep the solenoid from kicking back on your negative connection. The dwell from the ego board will translate mostly through the power transistor. Between the fat clapper noid and the capacitor, you can see why they work at bringing the power requirements down.

The force on the clapper noid will be dependent on the on/off you are using. The ill fated "devil-mag" and the ultimate logic frame tried to use a clapper with a ULT. They kind of worked, but it is a very delicate balance stuffed into regular frame. If you use a big custom frame or rifle stock, it's not bad, but still power hungry.

Spyder mags are the more successful design, if more difficult.
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Appreciate the input guys.

Likely case is I will just use a Tboard and make it easy on myself.
It was like one day I woke up and every paintball field had been occupied by a slightly overweight military force.
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