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tippmann c3 semi auto

So I have a c3 and have always wished tippmann would have kept making and developing it. They mentioned semi auto upgrades in the manual which leads me to believed they probably had a prototype. I am thinking I'll need a electro pneumatic solenoid and a second board to control it. My idea is to use a spring returned ram to actuate the bolt and main piston the same as the pump arm but tap into the propane where the brass fill valve is to actuate the piston and fill the combustion chamber with fuel. The ram needs to be able to actuate the the internals of the gun with the pressure of the propane and when filled needs to have the right volume of propane to match the original amount of propane the brass valve is made to send to the combustion chamber.
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As I recall, the semi-auto C3 project was cancelled because of the difficulties of dispersing heat at semi-automatic firing rates.

Unfortunately I'd never even seen the pump version, but the scuttlebutt on the forums is that they have a lot of breakdowns and didn't live up to the Tippmann reputation for ruggedness. I suspect Tippmann more or less decided that the trouble they'd had with the pump action C3 meant that there wouldn't be enough of a market left to recoup R&D and tooling costs for a semi C3. Which is a real shame, because IMHO, the PEP technology was among the most innovative almost-mainstream paintball ideas of the last decade.

Anyway, have you considered a pneumatic-only autococker-style system? Without a significant cooling or heat dispersing modification, I think you're going to be limited in the rate of fire you can achieve before heat becomes a problem. I wonder how many shots you could get off of a 12 gram powering only the pneumatics and not also propelling a paintball?
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I stumbled in here looking for autococker/pump advise [sic] and being FLAMED OUT MY A$$ on PBN.

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I have yet to read anything that convinces me that's true, just forum rumors. I assume the reason they didn't do it was because the pump was a flop.
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My teammate has had one since new,it's been sent to Tippmann a few times for repairs,the ignighter was supposedly the culprit.
It definitely heats up when pumped quickly,you'll notice the heatsink type fins on the body
Neat idea,when it worked it shot good,probably not a good candidate for semi
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Well, there's always more fins. You could also try multiple and better igniter arrangements.

You might look at the brass eagle semis with that terrible trigger pull (jaguars?). You just need to close the bolt as you load the igniter spring.

You could also consider the sear-less automag that Hill did on AO. It wasn't much of an improvement on an automag, but the bolt setup might work for this. Basically just blows the bolt forward and the spring returns it. That bolt stem o-ring will need some thought, graphite maybe.


Actually, a rainmaker ram setup may have the necessary stroke to just replace the pump. How long is the stroke on the C3?
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A co2 powered pneu-cocking system could help with cooling.
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i play pump because the electronic triggers hurt my feet (i shoot my toes)
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Originally Posted by
At the time of this writing, Tippmann's R&D teams report that they do not yet have a prototype propane-powered semi.
This was excerpted from article circa 2005
From what I had heard heat was the main issue with making a semi - coupled with certain components of the C3 failing due to the heat.

The pump stroke itself was "long" due to the number of operations the stroke itself was doing in order for the gun to fire.

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3600 rpm is 60 cps, which is 60 bps on a two-stroke cycle. It may not be pretty or profitable, but I see entertainment.

To avoid the extra pneumatic source, maybe you could use a charging handle/cycle and each subsequent cycle charges the next?
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I suspect that the product failed because it was simply released at the wrong time, in other words, for paintball folks weren't challenged to get CO2 and it was getting easier and easier to get HPA.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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If I was to guess why it failed I would guess it's just stupid paintball players. They are scared of it and if you've been in this sport for any amount of time you know that Paintball People Are Full Of BS. How many times have you heard the stories of frozen paintballs, shooting marbles,"I used to have a spyder sniper", and just all around ridiculousness. The word of mouth paintball crazy talk would be pretty common for this gun if the BSers even knew it existed.
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