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M24A2 - Full build Thread

Hello everyone. So i had always wanted to do a bolt action project, and I have seen others that inspired me to do my own (Shoutouts to DannyD and his hammer7 project.)

Here are the finished pictures with the stain! (IT has been beat on a bit in these pictures, survived living legends 7!)

So the first thing I did was get myself a hammer7, the mag fed first strike capabilities for the price are a great option.

I then cut off the grip, milled down the trigger frame, and cut off the small piece of plastic on the front.

Then I cut a template out of thin plywood so I had something to work from.

Next was to pick a material to make the stock out of. I chose poplar, it is a cheap wood, easy to work with, yet still hard enough to take a bit of a beating. Got the design sketched onto it as well.

Using a pair of calipers I measured all the widths of all the places on the hammer 7 so I could mill out the receiver properly. I transferred these plans onto the piece of wood.

Next step was to drill the holes into the stock for the studs that holder the marker in place. I wanted to do as much work as I could without cutting the stock blank out, It is easier to clamp and hold the piece while all the edges are square.

Next I used a Forstner bit to start removing material for the trigger well, as these holes have to go all the way through the stock

Same thing was done for the mag well

Next it was time to mill the barrel channel. I used a router and guide to ensure it was exactly the right size.

Using the same router set-up with a 1/2" straight bit, I milled out the receiver breech. I then had to use chisels to square off the corners and make any final adjustments to make sure the Hammer 7 would fit.

At this point I had to cut out the blank! Very nervous about this part.

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Next it was time to start shaping the actual stock. I was nervous about this because there isn't any measuring to really do, It's all a feel thing. So i had to just dive in a see how it went. I bought this nice micro plane round rasp that really did a nice job in shaping the grip. You can see some of the contours starting to form.

I found these microplane rotary rasps while digging around the workshop, they definitely sped things up.

Things are starting to come together.

Next it was time to start shaping the buttstock. This was all done by hand with a flat rasp.

The further you go, the harder it gets to hold the piece. I had to get a little creative.

Here is a mock-up so far, looking pretty good!

It is important to mark the areas that need work so you remember to go back to them. Gun with fitting a bit snug so I had to go back in with the chisels.

Next i brought the router back out to mill these barrel channels on either side, really slimmed up the piece and made it look a lot better.

And from here it was just rounding over all the edges with sand paper! It is really starting to come together. I picked up a sling, sling mounts, scope rings, a scope, and a bipod from bass pro shop, and everything is looking great.

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And here is the (semi) final product! I think it turned out very well, I am quite proud of it. Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to go back to school before it really got finished. So over spring break I plan on staining it and putting on the final touches.

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Solid build here! Love the craftsmanship. I do t have that kind of patients, or equipment lol. Great job! Can't wait to see the end product!
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is this done? are you going to cut out the mag release?
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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
is this done? are you going to cut out the mag release?
The mag release button? It is cut out, there is access to it. It is almost done, save for staining and testing
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that looks really nice!
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Thanks for the shout out!

Absolutely gorgeous woodwork BTW. I would like to suggest using pure tung oil after staining the stock to really show off the lines! That butt really has some nice wavy grains that should not be covered with varnish.
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I agree, I was really pleased with some of the grain lines around the grip and the butt, I will keep your suggestion in mind!
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so I already spotted one HUGE problem with this:

I don't own it.

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