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Single Tube DM4 Project - Questions and Progress Thread

I picked up an old dm4 body for cheap and I am going to try and change it into a single tube gun with a flow restrictor instead of an lpr. I haven't figured out the space considerations in the grip frame, as right now I am just trying to make sure this idea works.

My plan is to cut off the bottom of the marker just below the right air passage (if you are looking at it from the front). I would seal off the front air hole passage for the reg with either a screw with loctite or welding.

The hole I pointed out is drilled straight to the back of the bolt. Once the bottom half is cut off, I will tap that hole to accept a 1/4" air fitting (if I measured correctly that should be the right size). Air will be routed from an empire relay reg that is tapped to accept micro tubing (like the ion modifications) directly to this hole.

Air from the relay reg will also be directed to the solenoid. I am not exactly sure how I will accomplish this at this point (I'm thinking some kind of splitter). I am planning on using a luxe solenoid and feather touch manifold with a custom barb adaptor on top. The air will then flow from the adaptor to the holes pointed out in the above picture, which will be tapped to accept barbs and hoses.

Current Questions:

- Where should I make the cut to avoid cutting into the right air passage? Does anyone have cad files or measurements?

- If not does anyone have suggestions on how to measure where the internal passage ways are?

I will update this accordingly as I move further along in the project. Thanks for the help!

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Single Tube DM4 Project - Questions and Progress Thread

Extensive project!

For you LPR barbs/hose anything cocker/intimidator will handle the pressure and work for your purpose.
The air passage for the firing chamber shouldn't be any smaller than it was before. Microline may cause shoot down ( if shooting faster than 12bps or so)

I wish you luck!
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What would be the sizes of those hoses?
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Cocker LP hoses usually run 1/16" ID, can be a little bigger. There used to be a big hose kit for Rainmakers that was 1/8" ID, but the OD is huge. Not sure if that's even available anymore from anyone.
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Does anyone by any chance have the measurements of the inner tubes? Don't want to hack at this thing blindly.
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I would look at the hosing that they used for the Ion/Eos platform.
The OD is 3/16 (can't remember what the ID was) and that should be enough airflow to run the solenoid.
I would also look at putting in a solenoid that that can handle a higher operating pressure. Looking around on ASP and ZDSPB there is alot of information to help you.
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Yeah I found a luxe solenoid for cheap on pbnation that I'll be using. I'm going to get a custom manifold adaptor for barbs to place on top of the feathertouch manifold. I also looked at zdspb and did get the same hose sizes as the ion.

Thanks so much for the help!

edit: by inner tubes I meant the location of the internal ones in the dm4 body. I didn't want to pierce the right one when I made the cut.
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Does anyone have any suggestion as to whether or not it would be possible to tap a dlx manifold for barbs? Trying to keep costs down instead of getting a manifold adaptor made.
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As you can see it's still pretty rough and I have a lot of filing to do to properly fit a frame onto it and make it look good. I am going to run out and buy a tap kit and loctite tomorrow tomorrow to tap for m3 threads and a 10-32 fitting. At least then I'll be able to test it out.

If I can get the think to function properly I may pick up another body and have a professional do it instead of me hacking and filing away.
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Cutting a body by hand isn't easy, but there have been some crazy things done with nothing but hand tools. With enough patience, careful measurements, and keeping your files clean you can achieve a surprising amount of accuracy. Try rubbing your files with a piece of white chalk beforehand, will help keep the aluminum from gumming up in the teeth, and don't rush. There's no turning back on this body, so might as well keep trying!

Looking forward to seeing more!
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