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Chaser 43 to 50 as cheap as posible

Ignoring the issue of velocity, if someone wanted to just ream out the barrel for 50 cal, on a drill press, and then sand the inside smooth, what reamer would do the job. I have seen a few labeled 1/2 inch, but some ladles .4995 which sounds perfect, but also so close as to be a silly distinction.
Basicly I would only use it on the body of a chaser, and a mag. So the material is not that hard, anything for steel would last for a long time.
Would the detents work? Would that little block between mag and chamber need to be reamed too?
I would want it to be able to use any 50 cal that a field would have, so super tight is not too big an issue, this is basicly for cqb/sidearm.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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You'd also need a new bolt made. I think the problem that has stalled everyone else is the magazines are almost paper thin by the time you bore them out for .50cal, and the channel that holds the follower retracted will be gone.
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A few thoughts for you...

Reamers are only designed to take off a very small amount of metal... Maybe .002" to .025". The .070" difference between the .43 and .50 will be too much to get a good surface finish. You would want to drill to 31/64" (.4844") first, then ream the final .0156" to obtain a decent finish. You might want to use a 1/2" flexhone to try to clean up the bore. Be warned, the detents may cause a problem, as will the interrupted area where the bolt to hammer pin resides. I would strongly recommend a spiral reamer.

Beyond that, I would advise *AGAINST* trying this with a drill press. The ability to hold the body in axial alignment with the chuck will be extremely difficult. The operation will require a serious setup, to make sure the bit/reamer does not grab, and hurt you/destroy the marker.

The magazine will be the same kind of trouble... Both the interrupted cut and the fixturing of the piece. Plus you will need a new follower. You will need clearance for the paintballs to be able to move in the magazine, so you will need a slightly larger reamer. The original magazines were around .45" (11.5mm). a 13 mm (.512") reamer *should* have enough clearance to allow the paint to flow properly.

The easiest part will be the little plastic piece at the top of the magazine well. Simply drill it for clearance of paint.

You will also have to drill the body to allow paint to move from the magazine into the barrel.

Please do NOT use this as a plan. These are simply the ramblings of an old airsmith, and should be treated as such.


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