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You could just use a humphry 4 way with a clippard brass push button. No linkage needed, just a brass plate on the front of the stock to mount the 4 way through (they are threaded and come with nuts, think automotive toggle switch, only a momentary push button.)
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Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. I found some panel mounted push button 4 ways (well, MSC calls them exhausting 3 ways... That would work. I even have a brass 'cocker ram and an mysterious adjustable LPR....Now it's just getting up the courage to drill holes in the non cart valve body... Perhaps I'll switch bodies. I have a cart valved body around here that I've been meaning to tinker with....Maybe making a new valve cart nose is in order....(I've also been toying with the idea of a completely reversible semi conversion. I have a couple of those "dummy 12g w/ a forward stem and it's own co2 nut", and then I found some brass "stree tees that I thought might work out well....We'll have to see...)

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