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I wanted the 3way to not have air to it when the pump was forward. If it was forward, and you pulled the trigger while the valve was pressurized, you would waste some air, and the world would end . Besides, you want to make sure you've got all the air out from behind the sail to make it easier to recock. Emptying the chamber of pressurized air seemed like a good idea to make sure there was no pressure there. You could put a QEV in the line as well.

The pump ion is not a true pump in my book... closer to a pneumatic assist (PA) pump. The pump arm doesn't directly relate to the bolt. The pump ion had a pump stroke of about a quarter of an inch.

The pump stroke will probably fee like butter up to the point where you hit the valve, but even after that it'll be crazy light. If you've ever pushed a nicely lubed DM bolt back with your finger you will know how easy it is.
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Very true that the pump Ions are more of a PA pump than a traditional pump. The difference is that they require very minimal bolt modification and no real reversible body mods. A DM PA pump (Ion style) would require neither. Yours, while undeniably much cooler and much much more in the tradition of pumps, would require essentially entirely new internals and irreversible body modifications unless you went pump linkage out the back like Thorpydo's.
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That is some seriously hot stuff. I love the idea and wish I had a way to help make this a reality (but I don't since this is a bit beyond the realm of dremel and hand tools).
I will agree with other posters though that there's no reason to pressurize the LPR from the dump chamber; just seems like a good way to pound the seals of the LPR. For that matter an LPR may not even be necessary unless the operating pressure was well beyond the operating pressure of the 3-way. Ideally I'd think you'd want a slight rearward bias when the dump chamber is pressurized to avoid bump fires and prevent the sail from shifting forward and discharging.
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It took me a few moments to get it, but that is in fact a genious idea!
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You should do this to a Luxe. And reprogram the board so it says things like "You're doing it wrong." "No use more paint!" and "Buy Smart Parts...Buy Smart Parts...Buy Smart Parts..."
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