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Plexiglass Cocker body, would this be possible?

I'm wondering whether plexiglass would be strong enough to be milled into a Cocker body. Would be pretty cool to have an all clear body where you can see all the internals moving and stuff.

So would this be a cool idea, or am I just thinking silly things?
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That would be awesome, even if just an educational/display piece.
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Could plexiglass be glossed into a smooth enough surface to allow the bolt, etc. to slide through it friction free, even w/ constant lubrication?

You know how you can run your hand across metal and it doesn't bind, but w/ plexiglass it kinda "chatters"?

Maybe with a sleeve inside the plexi body?
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I've seen this come up several times. I can't remember what others have said, but here's what I think.

Plexiglass could be milled into a cocker body. This is physically possible. Polishing it up smooth enough to see through any part that has been cut could be hard, but possible. The real problem comes with the air pressure. Plexi is brittle, especially when cold. And it will fragment when it breaks. To much pressure could split the plexi, or cause the marker to explode. Setting up the marker to run on low pressure could solve this though.
Another thing is the forces put on the body. Plexi wears much faster than metal, it is easy to scratch. The constant hammering on the valve body could eventually knock the valve loose. Constant hammering between the body and back block could cause problems. Even the contact between the cocking rod and the back block could cause troble. Threading would likely strip fast out of the body. Off the top of my head I see no way of solving this.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's impossible, just that it would take alot of work and some hard thinking.
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Its been done in Lexan. Plexiglas would be dangerous and short lived as most threading wouldn't last very long.
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Hmm, ok. I really had/have no clue of all this stuff and would most likely never build it either, just thought it might be a cool idea.

Just wondering, there are these cheap clear plastic Brass Eagle guns, what material are they made of?

Also, for use in firearms, I've seen magazines made out of clear plastic, what material is this? I'd assume it'd have to withstand alot of rattling from the gunfire while carrying a relatively heavy load of ammo.
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Post above is dead on. That is exactly what happened.

It has been done. I will have to find the picture. It was used more to show the internal working of a cocker but it did air up. Over time the internal chambers would scratch and then haze up. Could not take realistic pressures either. Just enough pressure was used to make the ram cycle for demonstration.

I would stay away from making one to play with though unless you plan on making the air chamber portion out of Aluminum and the rest out of plastic. That way if something breaks it is only going to leak instead of fragmenting.
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There was a long thread on this on AO. Many materials for the body were discussed. Lexan is FAR superior over plexiglas, but the body would be very expensive. I suggested transparent alumina which would work in theory, but it is so hard it would be almost impossible to mill it or to polish it. You'll have to wait until Scotty shares the secret of transparent aluminum with us.

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It be cool to have a cocker that didnt actually work, but used some sort of colored liquid, so that u could see it go through all the stages.
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There have been a few cockers done is plastic. The first pic is none functional and was made for display purposes only. The second is a funstional cocker made of lexan that was painted.

I remember the post stating that the functional cocker needed helicoils and a SS valve tube.


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