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Steel 4oz tank powder coating

Has anyone run into problems powder coating a 4oz or 3.5oz CO2 tank? I know that 4oz tanks are exempt from hydro, but I have heard that shops can give you problems trying to fill the tank. I have been searching this site and PBN, but I cannot find anything about powder coating a 4oz steel tank. I don't want to come sounding like a moron, but does the tank require a hydro stamp or not?
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First, I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to powdercoat tanks, since the heating process will weaken the tank.

Second, any finish change is supposed to require a rehydro, even if its exempt. Though obviously nobody would know if you did or did not.

Third, you are right- Just because it is exempt does not mean that the field has to fill it. Sometimes they know, and still refuse. Sometimes they do not care. It is the fields perogative to fill or not fill.

Forth, the 3.5oz tanks are exempt. There was some debate over the 4oz tanks. If they are under 2", they should be, or if they are chromoly.

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So I take it that I am out of luck to get the tank painted. My problem is that it is a steel tank and the black paint on it is chipping off and it looks cr@ppy. I was hoping powder coating would solve the problem. Anodizing as far as I know only works on aluminum. I wonder if a custom car painter would be able to solve my problem?
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Well the chiping paint isnt realy anything I'd worry about, but some high heat engine or Barbeque spray paint should work just fine.
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It's my understanding that you can do what you'd like to the tank(within reason), as long as it is hydrotested afterward.

You'd definitely want to get the tank hydrotested after having powder coat cured on it.
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