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Question Checking for Univeral T-Board Solenoid Pulse on a Cheap Multimeter

Is it possible to check for a solenoid pulse on a cheap analog multimeter?

I'm trying to verify a solenoid pulse out of a Universal T-Board (UTB) to power an MQ2 valve. When initially hooked it all up, the MQ2 didn't fire. I verified that the MQ2 solenoid was working by hooking it up an 09 SLG. That leaves the UTB as suspect.

Hooking up my cheap analog multimeter to the 09 SLG in the 0-10V range setting, I could see the needle move on the meter when pulling the trigger. Dwell was at the stock 10 ms. On the UTB, I entered the mode setting, and set the dwell about 40-50 ms or so. I get no reading at all on the multimeter from the solenoid output. I even set it to mV, and nothing.

I tried getting into the mode setting to change it to full auto to see if I can get a reading, but the board does not enter the mode change setup (disco lights after holding the trigger and powering on). I then noticed that the board would power off at random times, as if there was a short. I checked all the wiring with the multimeter, and everything looked fine.

I think I got a bum UTB. It took me three hours to wire it all up, and another three hours troubleshooting and cleaning up before leaving for work this morning. I need sleep.
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You could contact Damon and see what he says.
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The UTB's have two outputs, one for a pancake noid and another to an EP noid. Is there a way to select which output is used? The MQ runs off the pancake noid and that might have something to do with it. If there is a difference in voltages between the two outputs it might not cycle. You said you tried it in the 0-10V range, which would obviously be enough to get some sort of reading. I would send Damon an email and see if he knows what's up.
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Thanks guys. I emailed Damon, and just waiting for a response.

Yes, the UTB's have a Solenoid and Electro-pnuematic output. I don't know if there is a significant difference between the two outputs, as my board is an open-bolt version that pulses both lines simultaneously (according to the documentation). I'll give it a try.

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running a capacitor to it? When I was testing one of the closed bolt boards, I had strange power issues some times as well, but eventually it stopped some how... Check your solder connections make sure nothing is loose, their shouldnt be a problem running an mq2
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The lines for the EP noid carry significantly less power than the set for the pancake noid. The EP noid lines have trouble firing even some of the direct acting solenoid valves.
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