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It's a thumbnail, should open a bigger version when clicked

It's one of the first hits when you google Borderlands 2 Bandit pistol.
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I have been trying to get him to make one of those guns from district 9

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Originally Posted by Theslingers View Post

That marker is so great that I am now mad at you for owning it and making me jealous.
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Originally Posted by PVT View Post
That marker is so great that I am now mad at you for owning it and making me jealous.
Ha :-) I can't wait to whip it out at some events next year.

Couple if things I love about this marker, it's so quiet the bolt moving back and forward is louder than it actually firing with air.

Also how light it is, because its bull pupped and has a kickup machines inthe the ion body directly, the bottle sits perfectly in my shoulder and the marker sits in a perfect position nice and tight with my mask directly behind the marker.

This places a pivot point of the marker in my shoulder, the front is so light and allows me to change positions quickly but maintaining a firing position, and of course it bears no weight at all on my arms as it already sits perfectly on my shoulder...

It's quite clever what gommie made here.
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Can you take some additional pictures on how you assembled the RipClip on it?


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This season will be a spray and pray one no mister nice guy and it also the faqs that i don't have budget limitation for ammo

And my pistol/backup
That use goblin shell and i do get to shot people with it. The only down fall 2 shot only if i'm carefull
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New style Empire Trracer inside an SKS rifle stock. Am I allowed to make a new thread about it?

Full picture thread: Bolt action Trracer Rifle

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Trracer grim reaper magnum w/ fs compatibility, let me know what you think?

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fg42 mod

It will probably be functional within 2-3 weeks. A fg42 look-alike

bonds feedback:

Shaken......but not stirred. Licenced to paint.

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Here is my Angel A1 Cobra. It won PBN Angel of the month last Oct.

My FEEDBACK 55/0/0

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Black barrel covers will get you bonus balled.

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