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p68sc body,Remmington 870 pump and stock,Sheridan 392 trigger group,delrin reciever block,brass vel. adjuster/stock ataching nut.

Aim (cocker) body,E2,MQ valve,Planet Eclipse Nexus ram inside brass tube,the only part that moves is the front half of a WPG venturi bolt inside the body

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starts off small at first
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That P series pump shotgun is different. Nice.
I had a vision of it with a sprig fed sidetube, wedgits, and a PPS ball detent on it. Or nastier?
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here is my newest creation.
its a 98 cocker halfblocked with a superfly bko bolt, ans rex hammer assm, CCM valve, hybrid adjustable detent, custom made pump arm, Rainman hitman mod on a CCM mini pump kit with gage, return spring, J&J edge barrel kit, T2W spec ops stock, KP tank ring, 13ci tank, hybrid sparta reg, CCM 45 frame, and a NDZ on/off ASA

all I need now is one gage, BE 50 rd Hopper, and a 5 inch stainless line with two elbows.

and a couple more I am just finishing up

About as subtle as a flying brick


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here are a few of my projects

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my mag

here is my mostly finshed mag project
you guys can tell me better what kind of mag it is
but the add ons are carbon fiber/kevlar parts that i made myself. i like the long bow stock but cant aforde one so I made my own with a folding stock instead becuase I like to bring it in close if I have to

a few with it folded

the next thing I am going to make are a shroud that will take A-5 stocks and for grip drops like the stock ones that come on mags but in all carbon fiber
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nothing special it's just a dogleg with some extra stuff. regs ect. the cheek plate fits under my mask.

imagine a red dot or a 4X40 scope. mag fed

Originally Posted by want2race View Post
Bolt Action Phantom.
Posted before, figured I'd add it to the custom thread.

Scope mount adjusts for range, never got around to anno.
Can hung so it was out of the way. Thin tube was a neoprene rain cover.
LineSI lever changer in the stock.

It was a fun, to see if I could do it, project.
i hate you.... i've been wanting to do this for years.... but school ect. too bad......... great job
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brassmage and necrotech
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just a couple more things...first a couple kp restorations:

and the 'long kp' project, a 'mythical beast' clone built from tymcneer's brass stock and the valve out of a chopped pgp:

Chaotic Creations Ltd. ---currently buried in work!

looking for: AGA62-working or not-for prop use, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, green/camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?
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Woah, the restoration looks great. Do you have a before picture?
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Is the one tapped for CA a nasty ? I see three tubes and a sidetube
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Looks like an over/under to me!
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