Dangerous Power Fusion

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DP Threshold Ramping

The last Threshold vid I posted was the previous owner shooting the gun. I
got it last week and test fired it for the first time this weekend. It was barely
over freezing in MN (actually snowed a little in the morning), and I only had
about 2k of air.

I shot two pods on semi and then switched to 25BPS ramping for this vid. I
had a little under 1k at the start of this vid and by the end of the pod you
can see a couple that are dropping a lot.

Despite the harsh conditions and terrible paint (Wal Mart), the gun shot quite
well. No FSDO even in cold weather. The accuracy was horrible, but I blame
that all on the paint. It was actually so bad I thought I had broken a ball,
but the barrel was clean.

Streaming Vid:

PbNation - NEW - DP Threshold - Ramping

Download Here (higher quality, 6.40MB)

Goldwaved the vid at up to 24BPS (for one second peaks)

It was just over 22BPS as an average over most of the pod.

These firing rates are nearly identical to my Fusion, so I assume
that's just how fast my hopper can feed.

Played with the gun last weekend and I was very impressed. Accuracy
was very good with better paint. Gun shot great and never let me down.
Cut the trigger spring (almost half) and I like the pull a lot better now.
Only "complaint" is that it's a bit loud.

I just put on the "Assassin o-ring" (seals the input to the dump chamber)
so I will have to do an efficiency test sometime.
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more comments pasted from another post:

VERY nice gun. much smaller and lighter than i was expecting. milling and anno look amazing!

i'll have to see how it shoots this weekend. dry firing was quite loud, but that doesn't bother me much.

i love the swiveling and lockable reg. works great for setting up to your preference.

i've decided the round hole in the side (near the eye covers) is a great place your your thumb
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