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it could be in the valley, maybe, but i think it took about 2 hours 2 get 2 that field, around that time their used 2 be a skrimish store in the valley, we use 2 call it skrimish before we called it paintball, the only person that's not in that photo is dave youngblood, he always had on a suit when he played, white or black or maybe a tux,
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Yes it was in the Valley.
It was at Buzick's Southern Comfort.
I was there too but playing on Stars n Bars. The first field in LA County built in 1985.
We got trounced after our tunnel was discovered. There were two tunnels actually.
Man, to think how many pioneers were there that day.

Yarnell Sr and Junior are #10 and #11.
There was a short lived tourney event held a few years way back called "The 250 year old Game"
7 man but the ages of the players had to add up to at least 250. Figure player average had to be 35+ to make it in.
Grizwald had the Yarnells, Termite, Jessica and some others and were hard to beat. Heck I cant even remember them being beaten now that I think about it.

More old school info to come....

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that's funny u was on the other side, that back door trick was great,
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#8 Mike "Iceman" Weallan. Just tracked down his last name.

Soon after this pic, 87/88ish, he started a team...GBD= the Good the Bad the Deadly. This old school team was the first NPPL 5-Man Pro Repeat World Champions with a back to back to back Titles. Glenn Forster Captianed it then though.

Mike had ambitious plans of launching a team shooting a semi marker he was designing at the time. I remember him expaining its design to me but back then it didnt make sense and I know that dream was never realized. When he started his recruitment drive for this team he hosted a Team Meeting at that Ballroom in a huge Marriot here in the valley where drinks were provided. Thats were most of talent went to once Glenn helmed it.

Mike did focus on a large recteam attired in all black, Population Control.
They were unique in that they had one squad of all hearing impaired players which Mike sign-languaged with. Nice honest team we bashed regularly eventually transposing the first two letters of their team name...Copulaton Patrol....

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Originally Posted by Critical View Post
I thought there was already a thread in the Carter section or somewhere where most of the people were already ID'd?
There is a post that I made in an ebay thread carter duck that has a good bit posted about this group. It began to clutter up the ebay section so we decided to start a new thread for this picture as it has some of the best examples of early state of the art that I have ever seen along with a very interesting group of folks and stories.

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Previously unnamed, #12 Hal (dont know the last name)

Anton had said he got this photo from the Unique Store.
I am wondering if Aaron's relationship with Rose had anything to do with her displaying it there. Just me speculating.
They were quite an "item" for a time there.

R.J. noted the camo tops early modded for paint tubes. Unique was the preferred load carrying gear at one time.
By '89 you had several companies making tube/pod gear. JT, ICS, USI, AGS and others.

I always liked the oil can loaders AGS made. When I went to the Nash Masters in '89 I wore a chest harness made to carry AK 47 mags but instead filled with multiple oil cans. I would just switch the whole loader if I ran out.

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^ Oh yes there were! We knew when to leave the love shack... ERRRR... shop... when it was "time".

BTW: Nice histoy lesson about Pop Control. I used to think they were a Sudden Death affiliated/feeder team. Kinda in the same way I viewed: SNM, Crib Death, etc.

It's funny how team names were so violent back then. Now days they seem very benign. Especially at the pro level.
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#15 looks to be Fields of Fire owner Tim

He and Jed Burns started the 1st FoF behind the In n Out on the Old Road here in SCV about '88. By '90 they parted ways and Jed started Fields of Fury in Acton while Tim had to move down the street where his field is now.
Tim has been in the pb field business a solid 20+ years and his field has survived several brush fire scares.
CQB towns and tunnels are one of his trademark setups.
Early legendary player Jerry Bard and he handbuilt the towns you see there now.

Some GeoHistory about the field location:
You know that opening MASH scene where the aid helicopters are flying in to the music playing? Thats the hills there where the field is.
Some of the MASH movie sets where there tucked in the hills too.
Alot of the "Dukes of Hazzard" chase scenes with the "General" were filmed there. The old cabin from the TV series is still standing there last time I checked.

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Originally Posted by Shiba-Kun View Post
If anybody can name #21 I will bow down in your general direction out of respect for your knowledge of ol skool paintball.
it kinda looks like Micheal Jackson when he was black. lol...
Originally Posted by chlsnk View Post
"Go ahead and strip and cut that puppy down because all you are doing is making mine worth more"
Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Ok choochie, the duck is not troubled, it's dated. The technology is old, it's like 8mm stop motion film reels, nothing will ever replace them, they are nostalgic one of a kind but for today's youth the expectations are CGI.
my feedback
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I have asked both Randy Kamiya and Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie about this picture.

Here is what Randy said:
"I think #5 is Steve Busick. In the MCarterBrown link, Gil thinks #12 is a guy named Hal. I vaguely remember him. I'm thinking #12 is John Barber but it's hard to tell from the picture. Jessica or Earon would know if it's Barber or not. I'm also thinking #17 is Dennis Martinez
but not sure. Just throwing some names out there.
I remember when Jay had his first heart attack and stopped playing.
He'd still show up with the grill and try to give us heart attacks! He made some mean hot link sandwiches. "

Bob told me that 18 was David Bert:
"David Bert would spend all his time between games cleaning his guns." Bob went on to tell me that Bert won an Emmy for something and now lives in Reno.

Bob thinks that 10 is Jerry Yandell and 9 is Yandell Jr.
And that 12's name was John but it wasn't John Barber.
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